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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Where Rainbows End by AnneMarie Brear - Book Review & Excerpt

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Review by Suze

It's 1850 and even though it isn't what women in that time usually do, Pippa knows she has to help her father with his new business venture. They lost everything and have moved to Australia for a fresh start. Pippa's father has purchased some land and Pippa is determined to make their outback farm a success. While Pippa loves the bush she also soon learns about its dangers. Making friends is very important and without the help of her neighbor Gil Pippa's life would have been a lot harder. When she has to manage the farm on her own her capabilities are truly being tested, will she be able to pull it off?

Where Rainbows End is a terrific story about an impressive young woman. Pippa is smart, hardworking and fearless. I immediately loved her spirit, she has a positive attitude, thinks in solutions instead of problems and knows how to do business. She's an admirable woman, a fierce main character who fights for what she believes in. That makes her story a joy to read. It was amazing to see her grow and I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to see if she'd reach her goals and make her dreams come true.

Where Rainbows End has a gorgeous setting. I fell in love with the Australian landscape straight away and AnneMarie Brear's colorful and vibrant descriptions of Pippa's surroundings are making it come to life incredibly well. She writes about the dangers as well as the exceptional beauty in a fantastic way. I could easily understand Pippa's excitement and seeing the development of the farm through her eyes regularly made me smile.

Pippa is proud and stubborn. She needs those character traits to make it in a world that's mainly being dominated by men. AnneMarie Brear approaches the subject of prejudice in a realistic way and sometimes people's attitudes managed to shock me. I loved how Pippa handles these situations though and how she constantly proves herself to be just as capable as the men around her. She never gives up, which is a large part of the charm of her story. I enjoyed wondering if she'd find her happily ever after in Australia and read Where Rainbows End in one sitting. I love stories about strong women and this is definitely a good one.


If you love historical fiction with beautiful settings, strong female main characters and plenty of surprising twists and turns Where Rainbows End would be a great choice.

About AnneMarie Brear

Australian born AnneMarie Brear writes historical novels and modern romances. Her passions, apart from writing, are reading, researching, genealogy, roaming historical sites, buying books and gardening. She is an author of historical women's fiction, contemporary romance and several short stories and is currently living in England.




A sun-drenched morning greeted the party when they headed north-west out of Berrima. Once on the outskirts of the town, the bush grew thick with scrub, rendering the wagon and gig nearly useless. After nearly five miles of battling steep hills and rock-strewn descents, they left the transports and went the rest of the way on foot. However, this setback didn’t deter them, and Pippa, excited as a child at Christmas, hoisted her skirts above her ankles and strode ahead.

Stepping over grass tussocks and around jutting boulders, she jumped as startled kangaroos and rock wallabies bounded away, their thumping feet sounding like distant thunder. Flocks of white cockatoos screeched their disapproval from high in the trees.

The sharp scent of eucalyptus permeated the air and Pippa sniffed deeply, wondrously. At intervals, trees thick with blooms of yellow, which she knew to be called wattles, punctuated the grey-green landscape and gum trees let their little blooms of red dance in the breeze.

She jerked suddenly as a low branch jagged at her skirt. Her father helped to extricate the material and when her petticoat’s lace hem tore, she cared little. Nothing and no one could spoil this day.

Gerald grimaced at the ruined fabric. ‘You should not have come, my dear.’

‘Nonsense, Father.’ Pippa grinned. ‘A little hardship strengthens character.’

‘Mr Noble.’ Robson gestured to a large eucalyptus trunk. The surveyor’s initials were cut deep into the bark.

Gerald consulted his maps. ‘This ridge ends another ten yards further on.’

Pippa hurried the remaining distance, nearly tripping in her haste. She stepped beyond a large tree and stopped.

Below, bathed in golden glory, lay their valley.

Tingles of excitement mixed with reverent joy sucked her breath away. She scanned the horizon of rugged hills and then gazed down at the inviting valley. It was everything she’d dreamed of and more, because it was real. Tears gathered behind her eyes, blocking her throat. ‘It’s perfect.’

‘How in God’s name are we to get down there with the wagon?’ Robson mumbled, breaking her spell of wonder. He walked closer to the edge and peered down at the jagged outcrops of rocks and boulders that broke up the density of the trees and bush.

Gerald took off his hat and wiped his sweating forehead with a handkerchief. ‘Maybe further along there is an easier route down.’

They walked on for another hundred yards before finding another tree with the surveyor’s initials marked in it and also an arrow scratched next to them.

Robson pointed to a gentler slope and a roughly cut track snaking through the trees and scrub. ‘If the surveyor went down there, then that must be the easiest way.’ He frowned. ‘I wonder if he took transports …’

‘Likely packhorses.’ Gerald studied his maps again.

Pippa walked to the edge of the slope. She paused to gauge the steepness and then reached for a nearby sapling to keep her steady as she edged her way down.


Her father’s shout made her stop and glance back. ‘It’s all right, Father. Hold onto the trees.’

Robson and Gerald hurried towards her and gingerly made their way to her side.

Gerald gripped her arm. ‘You are too headstrong. It was a foolish thing to do.’

She tossed her head. ‘I wasn’t going to be left behind.’

‘You’ll be the death of me, girl.’ Gerald panted and wiped his forehead again.

As they concentrated on getting safely to the bottom, the noises of the bush intensified. An unseen bird made the sound of a whiplash cutting the air, flies buzzed, twigs snapped underfoot, and small lizards slithered over rocks.

The track brought them out on the left side of the valley. At the bottom, the trees and scrub thinned out to grassy plains. Emerging out of the shade, the heat intensified. Pippa wished she had brought her parasol with her, but had left it in the gig so she could hold her skirts up with both hands. Sweat trickled inside her collar and dampened her bonnet. She licked her dry lips. ‘Is there water close by?’

‘Here, miss, I have water with me.’ Robson handed her a leather-bound canteen.

‘Thank you.’ She stopped to drink and chuckled as the cool and pleasant water trickled down her chin. Drinking from a canteen was an art she hadn’t mastered.

‘Do you see that thin line of gum trees in the middle over there?’ Robson pointed in front of them.

Pippa studied the ragged thin line and nodded.

‘Those trees must edge the creek bank.’ He turned to Gerald. ‘Do you see that flat rise to the right of the creek bend, Mr Noble?’

‘Aye, lad, I do.’

Robson smiled. ‘I think it would make an ideal homestead site.’

Gerald slapped Robson on the shoulder. ‘I think you may be right, my man.’

Pippa hesitated as the two men walked on. She slowly turned a full circle, taking in the broad sweep of the valley. Acres of waist-high brown grass rippled in the infinite breeze like a long slow wave on a lazy sea.

She strolled on, enjoying the feeling of walking on her own land. She now understood the power it gave men and why they did almost anything to acquire property. They broke their backs trying to keep it viable in the hard times and, in good times, they looked to buy more. The intensity of emotion frightened her. Her land. Her future.


  1. Very evocative setting!


  2. Oh Pippa sound like a wonderful heroine, i discover that it seemed easier for them to do what they wanted and be who they wanted in australia ( not easy per say i mean men were still as stubborn but with less population they had more freedom i think)so you made me very curious with this one
    thank you for the review

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