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Friday, October 13, 2017

Off Pitch by Brianna Kienitz - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Adeline's only interest is soccer. She's the star of her university team and wants to be a professional player after graduation. Adeline is rich, she's a straight A-student and it's obvious she's going places. When Adeline meets Gabriella, her Spanish TA, she's instantly intrigued and all of a sudden soccer isn't Adeline's only interest anymore. Gabriella is a gifted cello player and has her own goals she's trying to reach, so they understand each other well.

Adeline and Gabriella become close. However, it isn't easy to fit spending time with each other into their busy schedules. They also have to deal with jealousy, being the center of a scandal, homophobic parents, injuries and more. Will they have a chance to get to know one another and be in a relationship together? Will their crazy hours allow them to spend any time with each other and is their connection strong enough to stay intact when things get tough?

Off Pitch is a wonderful romantic story. Adeline is an excellent soccer player. She's a good captain, she's confident, she wants to score and she's prepared to make sacrifices for her passion. She's also an intelligent student with perfect grades. A TA can date a student, but the situation between Adeline and Gabriella isn't common. They can't stay away from each other though. Gabriella truly gets Adeline's drive to be the best. They're both hardworking and know what it's like to chase a dream. In that area they're a perfect match. They also have plenty of chemistry and it's clear from the start they have something special. The question is what will win, their ambition or their love for one another. I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out.

Brianna Kienitz's writing has a nice easy flow. She writes about fierce young women with a lot of personality, which is something I liked very much. There are plenty of sparks between Adeline and Gabriella, but there's also more, an attachment on a deeper emotional level. I loved the descriptive and honest way Brianna Kienitz addresses the more difficult topics like the lack of time and the pressure to achieve, parents who don't want their daughter to be gay, jealousy and heartbreak. The result is a fabulous complete multilayered story with an amazing sweet ending.


If you love romantic stories about strong women who are perfect for each other, but have plenty of obstacles in their way Off Pitch would be an excellent choice.

About Brianna Kienitz

Author illustration courtesy of Maggie Derrick

Brianna Kienitz (pronounced Kee-nits) started out as an avid reader of lesbian fiction. When reading no longer sated her appetite, she turned to writing the stories she craved. Brianna believes a good story should make you feel every moment deeply, whether it be laughing until it hurts, crying yourself dry, or screaming with unbridled rage. Her Wattpad works have been widely read and have received multiple awards from the Wattpad community. Her current project, Off Pitch, was named Wattpad LGBT Book of the Month in March 2017.

Brianna lives in Missoula, Montana, where she works as a slayer of transit demons, and a dance instructor. She spends most of her down time hiding in her Hobbit Hole with her wife and cat, curating T-rex costume GIF’s and pretending not to be socially awkward on the internet.




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  1. Off Pitch sounds like a wonderful romantic story.

  2. Great review! Sports books aren't my thing, but this sounds cute!

  3. YES! Yet another amazing LGBTQ+ author to fall in love with!

  4. Aww, sounds fantastic! I just added it to my TBR. Another gay soccer book that I read and loved recently is Defensive Mindset, in case anyone wants more recs.

  5. Hoorah for all authors of LGBT romance. We need more love in this world!