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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Reviews - Nobody's Girl and A Place to Call Home by Tania Crosse

Reviews by Suze

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Wigmore and Clarissa lose what's most dear to them. Because of Clarissa's fragile mental state afterwards they move to the country, into Robin Hill House. They take Nana May, the woman who raised Wig, with them and are hoping for a better future. However, tragedy strikes again, this time in the form of an accident that causes a girl named Meg to lose both of her parents. Meg doesn't have anyone and Clarissa offers her a place to stay. Will the arrival of the young angry and heartbroken girl have a healing effect on Clarissa or will it have the exact opposite effect?

Meg is a farmer at heart and never thought she'd have to leave her family home. Wig and Clarissa can't replace the loving family she comes from, even though they try to be there for her. Meg has to keep going, but it won't be easy. While most people at Robin Hill House are happy she's there not everyone is welcoming to Meg. Has she made a mistake agreeing to stay there or will she have a good future with the people she used to be so furious with?

Nobody's Girl is a brilliant impressive story. It starts with two very tragic events and my heart ached for both Clarissa and Meg. I shed quite a few tears while reading the first few chapters of Nobody's Girl. Tania Crosse describes their grief in a gorgeous truthful and emphatic way. While there's plenty of sadness to begin with there's also hope. Some wounds never heal completely, but love and care can take some of the pain away, which is an important message. I loved the way Tania Crosse writes about it and could easily feel it, it radiates off the pages, which is one of the things that makes Nobody's Girl so special. Something else that made me fall in love with the story straight away is the personalities of the main characters. Clarissa and Meg are beautiful people, both inside and out.

Tania Crosse has a great heartwarming writing style. I was mesmerized by it from the start. She writes about the surprising ways life can turn out in a natural and believable way. I love how everyone at Robin Hill House is part of a big family, they aren't all related by blood, but they are connected through their souls, which is something incredibly precious. I really enjoyed reading about Meg and Clarissa and was sad when I reached the end of their story. The last chapter is fabulously fitting and romantic and it made me eager to read the next book. I highly recommend Nobody's Girl, it's absolutely fantastic.

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads

Meg and Clarissa have found happiness and Robin Hill House is a cheerful household. Unfortunately this prosperous time can't last, because the Second World War breaks out. Meg's boyfriend has to fight and Clarissa's husband is busier than ever helping the government by producing what they need in his factory in London. The women constantly worry about their loved ones, but there's also much work to be done. Evacuees are joining them at Robin Hill House and the place is busier than ever.

Meg wants to be useful during the war. Robin Hill House is her home, but working hard has always been her forte, so she makes sure she does whatever she can to contribute. Clarissa loves having a full house, taking care of children makes her thrive. However, there's so much destruction and the people she and Meg care about are under constant threat. Will they all survive the war and can Meg once more conquer the hardship that has come back from her past to haunt her?

A Place to Call Home is another terrific story about Meg and Clarissa. It was amazing to read about these two incredibly special women again. Meg has grown into a smart, talented and capable woman. She is grateful for the good things in her life and that made me like her even more. Clarissa has a lot of love to give and every evacuee in her home is lucky to be able to receive it. I loved how she cares about people and how sweet she is to them. Robin Hill House is a wonderful welcoming place because of the people who run it and I enjoyed reading about it very much.

Tania Crosse writes about grief, heartbreak, love and hope in a captivating way. I liked how she doesn't stay away from the difficult topics and because of the lows in the lives of her main characters the highs are even more impressive. I admire that approach a lot. A Place to Call Home is a true gem, it's a delightful story with many surprising twists and turns. It has the most heartwarming charming ending that completes the story in a terrific way. A Place to Call Home is an extraordinary endearing novel, a story that will stay with me for a long time.


If you love heartwarming historical fiction Nobody's Girl and A Place to Call Home are absolute must-reads. You have to read them both to get the complete story.


  1. These books sound like a greAt read. I reAlly enjoy books set in that era. I have bought both with my birthday money. Thank you for the great review.

  2. These stories seem like ones that will make you appreciate your family, whether they be blood relatives or not.

  3. I am very interested. I do love historical romances. Also, thank you for the advice.

  4. My Mum would love these. Her family took in more than twenty refugees over the course of the war & even ended up adopting a young boy whose own family was killed.

  5. This sounds my grandmother's favorite kind of story.

  6. I love books with stories set in the 2nd World War.