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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book Review - A Vicarage Christmas by Kate Hewitt

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Review by Suze

Anna returns to Thornthwaite to celebrate Christmas with her family. She hasn't spent the holidays with them for years. Anna has three sisters and never feels like she's really part of the family. She is shy and socially anxious and she isn't good at making small talk. Her father is the local vicar and the house is always filled with people. On her first night Anna already wants to escape and leaves the house. That's why she ends up at a pub talking to Simon, a stranger she immediately trusts.

After their conversation at the pub Simon now knows most of Anna's secrets and she's mortified when she discovers that he's her father's new curate. While staying with her parents for the holidays Anna will constantly have to see him. That was the last thing she expected. Will she be okay now that someone who knows what's inside her soul is around all the time and what's the announcement Anna's father wants to make? Will Christmas at the vicarage be a disaster for Anna or is there a chance she'll have a good time?

A Vicarage Christmas is a wonderful festive story. I immediately liked Anna. She is friendly and smart and she has an incredibly sweet personality. My heart ached because of everything she had to go through as a child and the emotional pain she still struggles with on a daily basis. Simon gets Anna out of her shell by making sure she can be herself with him. He has his own past traumas and understands her well. They have a beautiful natural bond and the idea that two sad people could find future happiness is perfect for a Christmas story, combined with Kate Hewitt's flawless execution this makes A Vicarage Christmas absolutely spellbinding.

Kate Hewitt has a warm and vivid writing style that always manages to draw me in immediately. I can never put her books away. I love that she tells stories about main characters who have flaws, but are even more likable because of it. She puts them in a gorgeous interesting setting and together that always does the trick for me. A Vicarage Christmas is romantic, moving and magical. It's a fantastic Christmas story with a lovely ending that put a big smile on my face.


If you love small town romance and like Christmas stories A Vicarage Christmas is an absolute must-read.


  1. Thank you for the review. I love small town romances.

  2. Seems like a pleasant seasonal cozy read.

  3. Adding this to the Christmas TBR books.

  4. sound heartwarming with great character, thank you for your review i love getting idea for christmas book list

  5. This sounds truly lovely!


  6. I can't wait to start Christmas novels! This one in particular sounds like a nice read, I'm so curious about Anna' secrets and how Simon will deal with them.

  7. Aww! I love cute Christmas romances!

  8. I love when the setting is such an important part of the story.

  9. It looks like Kate's got another winner on her hands!

  10. Anna seems like a character that I can relate to.