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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Review - Through the Barricades by Denise Deegan

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Review by Suze

It's 1913 and Maggie wants to make her late father proud by making a difference. Girls are not supposed to fight for their country, but Maggie is determined to contribute. Maggie cares about the poor and wants to help them to improve their situation. Daniel is rich and doesn't know much about politics. When he meets Maggie he's intrigued, which is why he accompanies her to a food kitchen for those who have nothing at all to volunteer. It's the beginning of his awareness and a friendship that will soon grow into something more.

Maggie wants to join the revolution. She will do anything she can to help the cause she believes in. Daniel is prepared to make a huge sacrifice and joins the army at the beginning of the First World War. They don't realize that they will be on opposite sides of the same battle. Will their love survive this difficult situation and will they be able to remain unscathed during the many years of armed combat?

Through the Barricades is a beautiful raw and gripping story. Maggie is fierce, stubborn and capable. She has strong beliefs and isn't afraid to fight for them. Daniel is gentle and loving and he's willing to go far for Maggie. They both make huge sacrifices for what's in their hearts. It's clear from the start that what they feel for each other is true love, but their situation is far from ideal, a lot is standing in their way, both personally and professionally. Nothing is certain, they aren't safe and there are no guarantees they will ever see each other again. This kept me on the edge of my seat. I flew through the pages, because I had to find out if they'd find happiness or disaster together. I absolutely love it when a story makes me feel so much.

Denise Deegan's writing is amazing. She has a great way with words that immediately captivates me every time I read one of her books. Through the Barricades isn't a light story, it's set in a dark time, but there's plenty of hope as well. I loved how well researched this story is and learned a lot about Ireland at the beginning of the twentieth century. Denise Deegan's detailed descriptions of battles, gatherings and dire situations moved me to tears. She's honest and doesn't stay away from the difficult parts, which is something I greatly admired. I highly recommend Through the Barricades, it's a brilliant emotional roller coaster.


If you love gripping historical fiction Through the Barricades would be an excellent choice.


  1. this sound really good but a bit too emotionnal for me right now but just from your review i do hope they will survive and reach happiness

  2. It does sound like an emotional read. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for sharing

  3. WWI has been a terrific period in England, because of the war and because people (and women expecially) were sick and tired of the status quo...even if this is a novel, you can learn a lot about the historical period it's set it

  4. From your review, it really does sound like it's an intense and realistic (showing both good and bad parts of the story and the time) tale, which isn't always a given! I really like the title, too.

  5. Yes! Thank you for posting. Awesome review.

  6. Maggie sounds like a an incredible woman & I'd like to get to know her thru this story.

  7. It sounds reminiscent of brothers fighting for opposite sides of the civil war, not including the romantic aspect.