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Monday, October 16, 2017

Book Review - The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

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Review by Suze

Mary adores her little sister Hannah. Their mother Diane runs a small seaside motel, which isn't making much profit. Mary often watches Hannah and tells her stories. Mary is free, wild and uncontrollable. She lovingly calls Hannah Bunny and would do anything for her sister. Things suddenly change when Diane dies in a car accident. Mary is still a teenager and now she's responsible for a young girl, while there's no money at all. In order to survive Mary and Hannah leave the motel and start a journey together. They will travel from place to place trying to get by and find out where they belong. Is there somewhere they can fit in?

Being responsible for a small child is difficult, especially when you have no education. Mary works hard and besides that she does whatever she has to do to survive. If she has to trick someone she does it, as for Hannah she will do anything. Will she eventually manage to create a safe place for her and her sister or is it difficult to find peace when there are so many past secrets that are threatening to catch up with her?

The Sisters Chase is an intriguing story. Hannah is a real sweetheart. She's open, disarming and endearing and it was easy to see why Mary loves her so much. Mary is different from her sister. She's difficult, she has her own way of doing things, she isn't very emphatic, she often crosses boundaries and she can't always clearly predict the consequences of her actions, which constantly gets her in trouble. My heart ached for the stubborn teenager, and later woman, who is fierce, tough and confident, but also lost and alone. I loved that contrast, it makes incredibly interesting reading. Sarah Healy has given Mary such a great edge, some of the things she does are shocking, but I could also understand why she chooses certain paths. She's fascinating due to her many flaws and I was anxious to find out where she and Hannah would eventually end up.

The Sisters Chase is a beautiful story with a surprisingly fitting emotional ending. I absolutely loved the book. It's dark and filled with lies and secrets, but there's also hope combined with unconditional love and unbreakable family bonds, which gives the story a nice contrast. Sarah Healy has a fantastic gripping writing style. Her story has many surprising twists and turns and the abundance of layers makes it fabulously complete. I highly recommend this compelling book.


If you love gripping stories about family and secrets The Sisters Chase would be a great choice.


  1. Much drama! Would be a perfect present for a friend.

  2. This sounds like a great book! I've really gotten into reading mysteries/thrillers.

  3. too emotionnal for me i fear, but thank you for the review Mary looks like a very courageous girl

  4. Sounds very intense, but well-crafted!


  5. It sounds like a very emotional read, I can't wait to read it.

  6. Awesome. Thank you for the review and the advice.

  7. I love stories with strong family bonds.

  8. It sounds like a sad and also sweet story.