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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Book Review - The Prince and the Pea by Denise Deegan

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Review by Suze

Prince Richard is supposed to marry a suitable princess. This princess has to be tested by sleeping in the palace on a large pile of mattresses with a pea underneath. When an arrogant princess stays over she's so bothered by the pea she wants to go home. Is that the person Richard is supposed to end up with? He prefers spending his time with his chambermaid Rosie instead. She teaches him how to make fire and her kindness warms his heart. When Rosie disappears without a trace Richard is devastated, will he be able to find her again and what will he do when he sees her? Is she really only a valued member of his staff?

The Prince and the Pea is a wonderful fairytale. I love stories about handsome gentlemen with good hearts and Denise Deegan has definitely written a good one. Richard is a prince with manners and I liked him very much because of it. He values people because of who they are inside, not because of their status and that's an invaluable character trait. He deserves to be happy with someone equally friendly and I couldn't wait to see if he'd find true love.

The Prince and the Pea is a lovely short story. It's a dreamlike tale, perfect to read in one sitting. I always love a good feelgood story and this one certainly cheered me up. Denise Deegan has a great vivid writing style that makes her characters and settings come to life incredibly well. She doesn't need many words to paint a complete picture. The Prince and the Pea is enchanting and sweet, it's exactly what a heartwarming romantic fairytale should be like.


If you love fairytales and like short stories you should definitely read The Prince and the Pea.


  1. I would love to read this story. It sounds great. Thanks for the awesome review. I will have to check this out.

  2. I have this on my TBR list, looking forward to it.

  3. I've seen this around a lot the past few days, it sounds really good. Fantastic review!
    Cora ❤

  4. I like this different take on a fairytale.

  5. This fairytale is special to me so l am intrigued.

  6. Richard sounds smart and sensible.

  7. I love stories like this where the unexpected happens.So romantic!