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Monday, October 2, 2017

Book Review - The Little Book of Kindness by Bernadette Russell

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Review by Suze

Bernadette Russell vowed to be kind to strangers every day for a year, which was the start of a whole new way of life. She tried to find various ways to help others, to be there for them, to encourage them and to make them smile. In The Little Book of Kindness she shares her experiences and gives useful advise to those who want to start a kindness project themselves or just want to make the world a better place by being kinder. 

The Little Book of Kindness is a nice quick read filled with invaluable tips and tricks. Bernadette Russell encourages her readers to be kind to themselves and to others. She also tells them how they can approach this sometimes difficult matter. She divides different types of kindness into accessible chapters. She for example writes about being kind to elders, the environment and the online community. Most of the things she recommends are really easy to do and a lot of what she writes about doesn't cost much money. Anyone can be kind and that is a wonderful message.

The Little Book of Kindness is fun, it's an introduction into kindness and it's a short and approachable guide book for those who want to start being kinder themselves. I enjoyed reading Bernadette Russell's view on kindness and have definitely learned something from this book. I highly recommend it, we could all use as much kindness as possible in our lives.


The Little Book of Kindness is a fun quick read filled with tips and tricks about being kind. It's perfect for readers who want to make the world a kinder place.


  1. What a wonderful way of life , very inspiring too .

  2. We need lots more kindness in our world.

  3. Very uplifting. Would definitely it read it.

  4. with everything happenning in the world these day we sure need more kindness and Suze you are the perfect example of that *hugs*

  5. This looks fantastic - definitely worth a read! What a great idea!

  6. This book sounds great. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the review.

  7. This looks truly lovely!


  8. This sounds like a great book, I will have to buy a copy for myself.

  9. Looks like it's for me: i'm usualy kind to everybody, except to myself.

  10. Even a quick read-through of the book's premise, and taking a few seconds to think about the idea, was like looking through a different lens. A gentler, more forgiving lens. (What if we all did this!) ...And let's not forget about being kind toward ourselves, too.
    Thanks for the review, Suze.

  11. Perhaps we should send a copy to all world leaders! Only kidding. We so often forget to be kind to ourselves though; a timely reminder.

  12. A very uplifting book that we could all use.