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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Review - I Am More Than a Daydream by Jennae Cecelia

'How often do you daydream? For most, it is many times a day. We stare out the window instead of the task in front of us. We fantasize about where we would much rather be, the significant other we long for, our ideal job, the body we hope to see in the mirror, a healthier mindset, pure happiness in our lives and the lives of others, peace in this chaotic world. However, how many of us daydreamers believe these pleasant thoughts will truly turn into our reality? Daydreams are more than just short bursts of happiness that only our minds can see. I know I am more than a daydream; and you are, too.'

Review by Suze

I Am More Than a Daydream is a book filled with beautiful messages. It's what I loved the most about this poetry, it makes you think about certain aspects of life, about your thought patterns and your dreams and how far they are from reality. What's even nicer about it, is that this book makes you feel better about yourself. The poems are short and to the point and they all end with gorgeous advice. Most of them put a big smile on my face.

Jennae Cecelia has written gorgeous thought-provoking poems. Her writing is dreamy with a translation to reality, which gives it the best of both worlds. I love how she manages to turn emotions into understandable sentences that are gorgeous at the same time. I Am More Than a Daydream is a wonderful collection of poems that should be read over and over again. 


  1. Thank you for introducing me to this book, it sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading!

  2. I'd love to read this. I'm a big daydreamer myself.

  3. I love that poetry makes you think.

  4. I love quality poems. The ones with a hidden meaning behind them.

  5. I need to be reminded of that every now & then. Thanks Suze.

  6. I think this would make a great gift.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing it.