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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Book Review - Girl in Trouble by Rhoda Baxter

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Review by Suze

Olivia is independent, she can provide for herself, she has a nice apartment and she's perfectly content on her own. That changes when she meets researcher Walter. Walter likes Olivia's tomboy style and he isn't afraid to ask her to remove much feared spiders from his apartment. They have a connection, but life is complicated. Walter's ex-wife is moving to America and she's taking Walter's daughter with her and Olivia accidentally got pregnant by a man who proves to be a jerk. Walter would love to be there for Olivia and the baby and become a family, but is Olivia interested in that? Will he be able to win the heart of the most self-sufficient person he knows?

Girl in Trouble is a fascinating romantic story. Rhoda Baster writes about smart people and I always love her main characters. Olivia can stand up for herself and she's fierce and self-reliant. Her father's absence from her life has made her wary of men and she thinks she doesn't need anyone, but she doesn't know what she misses until she meets Walter. Walter is a sweetheart. He sometimes stumbles through emotional situations, but he's honest and sincere. I loved his personality and I liked how Walter and Olivia complete each other. She can sometimes be a little too hard and he can be a bit too soft, so they complement one another beautifully. For me that was the biggest strength of the story, something I absolutely loved. It's a unique connection that I enjoyed reading about very much.

Rhoda Baxter writes about complex situations in an open understandable way. I like that about her stories. She's honest and her main characters have real problems and flaws. They have to work through them and this process makes them grow as a person. I really loved that Walter and Olivia discover so much about themselves and slowly adjust their believes and behavior because of what they've learned. It's impressive to witness and Rhoda Baxter combines it with wonderful romance, which made me love their story even more. Girl in Trouble is a fantastic book.


If you love romantic stories about smart main characters you will definitely like Girl in Trouble.


  1. I like when the romance between the main characters is complicated. It makes it seem more real.

  2. Olivia sounds very cool!


  3. Olivia seems like my kinda girl.

  4. I like Olivia, she sounds pretty tough!