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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Book Review - Depression & Other Magic Tricks

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Review by Suze

another plain truth

we hugged
it was a good hug
if there is such a thing as a hug so good i did not wish it were a kiss

Depression & Other Magic Tricks is versatile, beautiful and profound. Sabrina Benaim writes about difficult topics and life in an open and honest way. She describes what it's like to have mental health problems and her poetry about depression is fantastic. It's impressive, understandable and not too heavy. It felt like I was allowed to see what it's like to be in Sabrina Benaim's head, which is an incredible precious gift to offer. She also writes about love and family, two universal topics she approaches in a gorgeous genuine way.

The poems in Depression & Other Magic Tricks are all different in structure, composition and rhythm, which is something I loved. The poems are moving, compelling and inspiring. Sabrina Benaim has a brilliant way with words. I love how she plays with them and she managed to keep surprising me over and over again. Her sentences are stunning and they often took my breath away. Depression & Other Magic Tricks is a fascinating and extraordinary collection of poems and I highly recommend it.


If you love beautiful poems about topics like mental health, love and life you should definitely read Depression & Other Magic Tricks


  1. I did not know about this book, so thanks for recommending it. It sounds like something I`d absolutely love.

    Carmen / Carmen`s Reading Corner

  2. I love the sound of this - nothing nicer than beautifully written poetry!

  3. A book about depression somebody that knows is always helpful.

  4. Ugghhh..... If I had money to burn, I would buy myself two copies of this-- based on her live performances (found on YouTube) alone.
    Great review; thanks!

  5. Sounds excellent!


  6. I like when the author is able to write, so that you feel you are experiencing everything with them.

  7. I love reading books about mental health, I can understand people that way more.

  8. It's such a difficult topic to write about, and indeed, to read about. Perhaps poetry, rather than a whole book, is the best way to tackle and highlight the subject. Important work.

  9. I think this would be good for a specific person in my life.

  10. I have family suffering from depression. It must be a very hard subject to write about.