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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Book Review - Christmas at Hope Cottage by Lily Graham

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Review by Suze

Emma's boyfriend dumps her in a terrible way and soon after she's involved in an awful accident. There's no way she can take care of herself, because she's broken several bones and fell on her head. That's why she returns to Hope Cottage, her family home. Evie, Emma's grandmother, will take good care of her and will make sure someone's always looking after her. Being back home will also mean seeing Jack again, the man who broke Emma's heart because of a family feud. Will she be able to handle being around him?

Evie has a lodger, something Emma didn't know. Sandro is a Spanish cook and fits right into the household. Evie's cooking is special, something that runs in the family, and many people benefit from this, but it's an ability Emma can't let herself believe in. Sandro helps Emma to get herself back together again, but Jack has also shown an interest in her once more. Will Emma's heritage stand in her way like before or will she finally be loved for who she is?

Christmas at Hope Cottage is a heartwarming magical story. I immediately loved Emma. She's sweet and talented, but tries to hide her passion for food and the family way of preparing it because of how people are treating her. She's lost herself completely because of her accident, which is sad, but it also gives her a chance to get more healing done. She doesn't only have wounds on the surface, there are deep emotional scars that could use some extra tender love and care as well. Her family has a gift, but Emma tries to deny hers and I couldn't wait to find out if she'd eventually embrace it, and therefore herself, or not. It's a wonderful topic for a book and I really enjoyed reading about it.

Lily Graham's writing has a nice easy flow. She writes about the power of hope, family curses, true love and eccentricity in a fantastic enchanting way. She combines this with mouthwatering descriptions of food and gorgeous men, a perfect combination. Christmas at Hope Cottage is a terrific mesmerizing story that has plenty of charm, sparkles and romantic feelings. I absolutely loved this amazing book.


 Christmas at Hope Cottage is perfect for readers who love to read about small towns, complex family histories and magic.


  1. This sounds perfect for my holiday reading list. Such a lovely cover and I'm wanting to get to know the character's. I just love Christmas romances:)

  2. Another one to add to my Christmas reading list.

  3. ^^ you sure make my christmas book wishlist grow, thank you for this review

  4. Reminds me of LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE, though less tragic with any luck...


  5. Wherever a grandma and cooking are involved I'm in! I need to make some space in my shelf!

  6. Delicious food AND delicious men? Where do I sign up? :)

  7. I love that food & family are there to help heal Emma. Sounds like a lovely story.

  8. I would love to live in a little cottage like that.

  9. I love stories like this with family feuds :) I can't wait to read it.