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Friday, September 8, 2017

Talented Artist - Cory Cuthbertson Owner of Coryographies - Interview & Giveaway

About Cory Cuthbertson

In hindsight, an Etsy shop full of miniature clay figurines makes a lot of sense in my life...

When I was a child, I used to mold the clay from the bank behind my house into tiny mouse shapes and dry them on the woodburner. I also have memories of molding animal shapes out of starburst candies before eating them. And then, looking up from my moniter reveals bluetac molded into the shape of a cat...

My name is Cory, and I'm a Canadian expat living in the UK with my wonderful English husband. I've always needed a creative outlet, and Etsy satisfies that need in me to create tiny clay things.

Lots of things in life make me happy - sushi, books, tea, palaeolithic archaeology, linguistics... and you'll find elements of that random mishmash in my shop. I also hope to introduce some paintings soon, which will no doubt follow that quasi theme!

Please feel free to check out and follow my blog, which includes even more of my craft endeavors, as well as discounts and hopefully some giveaways soon!

 Cory x

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1) What inspired you to start making book jewellery?

I like making jewellery that represents things I love and am interested in. One day a bento box I was making a tiny sushi necklace for turned into a bookshelf. I put it up on Etsy and it flew off the shelf, and I got requests for more! Soon I abandoned my sushi jewellery and focussed full time on the book theme.

2) Where did you learn how to make jewellery?

I learned how to make polymer clay shapes and how to make them into jewellery from Youtube. There are so many tutorials out there, and it’s a great way to learn new skills which lead you to creating your own niche.

3) Who's your favourite author and why?

I adore Philip Pullman. He has such a straightforward writing style that is at once honest and magical. I moved to Oxford years after reading the His Dark Materials series and felt the story around me when I lived there. I can’t wait for The Book of Dust.

4) You've studied paleoanthropology, archeology, philosophy and linguistics, could you tell a bit more about that?

Yes! I did a degree in linguistics as I’ve always been fascinated with language and languages. I was hoping to become an English teacher and work in Japan. But I fell in love with research, and became really interested in how language evolved in our species in the first place. That is why I moved to the UK from Canada, to do a Masters in archaeology. I began studying human evolution and the stone age, and the evidence for how humans behaved. I began a PhD in 2013 looking at how the first stone tools were taught and learned, and what that told us about the intelligence of the tool users and makers, and looking for signs of where language was used. I can teach you how to make stone tools if you’d like!

5) You've moved from Canada to the UK, how is it to live in a foreign country and what does home mean to you?

I think being a foreigner has really defined me. I’ve always been a naturally curious person, and living in the UK where I expect things to be a bit different means I’m constantly analysing bits of the culture and how people behave, and comparing it to my own expectations. Now I’ve lived in the UK for a quarter of my life (most of my adult life), and I feel more British than Canadian at times. But I think it has made me always ready to ask questions, even if they come off as naieve or silly. Living in a foreign country is a bit exhausting at first, since even little things like how to plug in a device or knowing where to find something in the supermarket (or what it will look like) is new, and you have to think so hard about everything. I probably had it easy moving from Canada, where it’s not too much of a culture shock, but even today I find myself learning something new each day.

6) What's your favorite genre to read?

I love popular science and history books. I read for fun mostly in areas that aren’t related to my research, and domestic histories about the Middle Ages or books about trees and nature are really relaxing and a big form of escapism for me. I don't actually read a huge amount of fiction, but I do love it. I like stories that are set in an interesting place with genuine believable characters and dialogue. I don’t find myself picking up Fantasy or Sci Fi books too often, and I really don’t like romance or mysteries. I do love post-apocalyptic scenarios though, and Margaret Atwood always manages to terrify me and make me think.

7) Where do you read and where do you make your jewellery?

I have a desk in my bedroom which is my ‘workshop’. Luckily all the things I need for my jewellery business are quite small, so it only takes up a corner of the room in a few boxes. I just got a couch to fit into my bedroom, so when I’m not reading before bed, I curl up with my blanket and tea there.

8) Is there something you still dream of making?

Funny enough, I would love to make real furniture. Miniature bookshelves are lots of fun, but I dream of having a big workshop with lots of woodworking tools. I’d make cabinets and chairs and beautiful bespoke pieces in lovely woods for my home. Perhaps one day!

9) What are your plans for the future?

I just finished writing my PhD thesis! I’m waiting for my Viva examination and should graduate later this year. The plan is to get a postdoctoral research position, and eventually a lectureship and have a career teaching and researching at universities, but until I get my first position there might be a bit of a pause before funding comes through. I’ve been considering approaching a publisher and writing a popular science book about human evolution and the evolution of tool use and language. But I’ll definitely be making jewellery alongside it all!


One very lucky reader of With Love For Books will receive a pair of beautiful stacked books earrings. Good luck!

The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


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