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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Book Review - Tempting Flame by D.J. Michaels

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 Review by Anniek

Tallis Ba'reah was forced to leave his own planet. After a lot of years drifting through space Tallis and his people decided to start a new life on earth. They're different from humans and mostly keep to themselves. Tallis always puts his clan first. He'll do everything that has to be done to keep them safe. Together with his brothers he'll go to war if he needs to. Never has he been interested in humans, that is until he spots a woman who has handcuffed herself to a security desk. Tallis can never claim a human woman as his own, but is he strong enough to fight the temptation?

Jasmine Teale works with children who are seriously ill. She's does everything she can to fulfill their wishes, because they might be their last. The children have one big wish, to meet an alien. Jasmine has tried to get in touch with their office lots of times, but is being ignored. She decides it's time to take a different approach. For the Jendari children are sacred. It hurts Tallis's heart when he finds out why Jasmine went through all this trouble. He agrees to come with her to the hospital, even though he's risking his life while doing this. Jasmine can't deny that he's the most beautiful man she's ever seen. Does Jasmine have what it takes to understand how Tallis's world works?

Tallis and Jasmine have a connection from the very first time they meet. Tallis is a badass warrior but he also has his softer side. Every alien has an animal companion and I loved the animal connection in the alien way of life. Jasmine is a person who takes care of everybody. She's dependable and won't let anyone down. She's so sweet and even though she's scared of some aspects of Tallis's life she pulls herself together and does what needs to be done. I loved their view on love and how this sometimes also means letting go. It can offer new possibilities and I was cheering for Tallis and Jasmine to find their happy ending.

Tempting Flame is a unique love story. Normally I stay away from stories with aliens, but I'm so glad that I read a story that was out of my comfort zone this time. I've known D.J. Michaels from her Watchtower Knight series, which she wrote under the name Delwyn Jenkins. Ever since that first book I'm hooked on the way she builds up her magical worlds. D.J. Michaels describes Tallis and his world so vividly that I found it easy to believe that aliens like him are truly out there. It also made me think about the possibilities of other life forms. I've always been a strong believer of the idea that it isn't logical that there isn't a life form that resembles ours on all the planets that are out there. If those aliens would be anything like Tallis, they'd be more than welcome to live beside me on our planet. D.J. Michaels has created a brilliant story and I'm looking forward to the rest of this series.


If you're looking for a refreshing story about true love and like reading about aliens, Tempting Flame would be a perfect choice.