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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Book Review - P.S. From Paris by Marc Levy

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Review by Suze

Mia's husband is cheating on her. They're a famous couple and just made a movie together that they need to promote, so they need to pretend that they are happy. In real life things are far from ideal though and Mia needs a break from it all. That's why she decides to stay with her best friend in Paris for a while. Her friend runs a restaurant and Mia will work there as a waitress, hoping she won't be recognized with her new haircut and made up identity.

In Paris Mia meets Paul, a moderately successful writer from America. He's mostly popular in Korea these days and hopes to write a book again that will be well received worldwide, just like his debut. Mia and Paul both aren't unattached, but that doesn't mean they can have a great time visiting their favorite places in Paris. However, what will happen when their connection evolves into more than just friendship? Can they ever be their true selves when they are together?

P.S. From Paris is a wonderful story with plenty of interesting twists and turns. I loved Mia and Paul from the beginning. They're funny when they interact and they bring out the best in each other. I enjoyed reading about their adventures. Paris is a fantastic location for a romantic story and Marc Levy describes it in a lively energetic way that immediately pulled me in. The main characters have a fabulous way of discovering the city and I loved seeing Paris through their eyes.

Marc Levy has a fantastic dynamic writing style. P.S From Paris is a fast-paced whirlwind filled with surprises. I read the book in one sitting and was completely spellbound by the main characters and the way they get to know each other. The dialogue is entertaining, I liked every single sentence of it. P.S. From Paris put a big smile on my face and the ending is terrific. I love a great feelgood story and enjoyed reading this one very much.


If you love romantic stories set in Paris you will definitely like P.S. From Paris.


  1. I like the plot. And Mia is an actress, that's interesting

  2. Wow, this sounds very good. It's awful how some celebrities have to "pretend" when their marriage is falling apart and can't be truly themselves.

  3. It sounds like a lovely story, thank you for sharing it.

  4. This book is "my cup of tea", looking forward to reading it!

  5. Great review. I love a feelgood book.

  6. This sounds completely charming!


  7. Sounds lovely. I'm loving the blurb.

  8. This book sounds great. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the awesome review.

  9. I like when the characters have great dialogue with each other.

  10. I'm looking forward to reading this book.

  11. I love Paris,and love to read Marc Levy books,looking forward to read this book! :)