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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Book Review - Moonrise by Sarah Crossan

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Review by Suze

Joe hasn't seen his older brother Ed in ten years. Ed is in prison in a different state, because of a crime he's assured Joe he didn't commit. Joe is seventeen years old now and finally has the chance to see Ed after all this time. Ed is on death row and Joe is determined to spend as many hours as he can with the brother he had to miss for most of his life. Does Joe really have to say goodbye to Ed now that they've found each other again?

Moonrise is a beautiful heartbreaking story. Joe hasn't had an easy childhood. He had to deal with a lot and sometimes he doesn't know what to do with all the anger he's carrying around with him as a result. Missing loved ones is tough and even though Joe tries to make the best of things he knows he hasn't been very lucky so far. I had tears in my eyes when I read about his situation. I admired his strength, his determination and his will to keep going. Joe has strong principles and has plenty of hard lessons to learn at a young age, which makes stunning, moving reading.

Sarah Crossan's writing is fantastic. Her sentences are perfectly formed, she's an unbelievably skilled free verse writer and she knows how to describe feelings. Those things together are making her books difficult to put down. Moonrise is a story about family, making mistakes, forgiveness and imperfections. Sarah Crossan has found a brilliant way to express herself, she tackles a challenging topic with a large dosage of empathy and realism and finishes Moonrise in an incredibly impressive way that left me speechless. I highly recommend this amazing thought-provoking book.


If you love free verse and are a fan of beautiful moving stories Moonrise is a definite must-read.


  1. The verse aspect sounds excellent!


  2. Sounds like a moving story. I enjoy books that evoke all the feels.

  3. What a very emotional book! Joe sounds like an interesting character. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have to take a look at it. Thanks for the review.

  5. This sounds like it will be a hard book to read, but one that you still enjoy.

  6. Tough topic to write about but immensely moving.