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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Book Review - Make Me Want by Rebecca Brooks

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Review by Suze

When Abbi needs to get rid of a pushy man Tyler helps her out. He pretends to be her boyfriend and they immediately have a connection. He's only in the area for a few weeks, so she thinks having some fun together would be harmless. However, Tyler is supposed to be working with Abbi on a project they're on opposite sides of. Will their differences at work mess things up for them on a personal level and what will happen when past and present become intertwined?

Make Me Want is a sexy story with two strong, but damaged main characters. Abbi has been hurt by someone in her past and is still dealing with the consequences every day. It influences each relationship she has. Tyler wants to be there for her, but it's difficult for her to accept his help. Tyler went through something very traumatic and left everything he used to know behind for a fresh start. Being accepted and caring for someone is exactly what he needs. My heart ached for both of them. Abbi and Tyler keep having their differences and they seem to continuously take one step forward and two steps back. I couldn't wait to find out where that would lead and read their story in one sitting because of it.

Make Me Want is hot because of two things, forest fires and sizzling attraction. I love the way Rebecca Brooks combines the two. Fire is a serious topic and she writes about it in an informative and sympathetic way. In her Men of Gold Mountain series she chooses to focus on different sides of what living in the area is like, which makes each story equally fascinating. Make Me Want is a sparkling, entertaining and captivating romance, it's a fantastic addition to the series.


If you love sexy stories about two people who deserve something good in their lives you will definitely like Make Me Want.


  1. Sounds sensual and touching!


  2. Oh, this looks steamy... I love it!! :)

  3. Will have to discover the series. Sounds great

  4. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to reading this series.

  5. Hot cover! Makes me want to find out what's happening inside :)

  6. Now I know what's missing in my life - some sizzling attraction!

  7. I love watching two damaged characters get together.

  8. It sounds like a fun story. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  9. I love Brazen Stories and looking forward to read this book!