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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Book Review - Lost for Words by Stephanie Butland

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Review by Suze

For Loveday books are easier to handle than people. She already had to deal with a lot in her life, both as a child and an adult. Working with words makes her feel comfortable. When memories from her past start to appear Loveday doesn't know who's behind this. She never talks about what happened and doesn't want anyone to know, but it seems that didn't work out the way she planned. Someone discovered her biggest secret and now she's being confronted with it once more.

 Will Loveday be able to handle the parts of her past that are resurfacing? Will this lead to even more heartache or is she strong enough to cope? She doesn't have to face her difficulties alone this time, there are people who care about her. Will this make her able to open up? Will the magic of friendship, the possibilities of love and the beauty of poetry be able to heal her?

Lost for Words is a gorgeous story about a complex and fascinating heroine. I immediately loved Loveday. She's both tough and sensitive at the same time. Stephanie Butland tells Loveday's story by alternating between the past and the present and I was equally compelled by each part of her life. She's an intriguing main character with a fantastic job. Loveday doesn't let people in, but she has to learn that putting up walls isn't always the right thing to do, trust can be liberating even though it's scary. I liked that amazing captivating aspect of the story and its thought-provoking message a lot.

Stephanie Butland has a stunning writing style and I enjoyed every single sentence of Lost for Words. The book is a true treasure, it's fabulously written, delightfully interesting and absolutely spellbinding. I loved the story from beginning to end, every chapter is exactly as it should be. The story has plenty of emotional layers, the main characters are easy to love or hate, depending on their role, and I effortlessly got lost in Loveday's world and never wanted to put the novel down again. I highly recommend this brilliant book.


If you love beautiful emotional stories about the healing power of books, love, poetry and friendship Lost for Words is an absolute must-read.


  1. sounds fascinating, im looking forward to giving it a read

  2. I do love books, and the MC's name is wonderful, so this sounds like a book for me.

  3. Sounds very lovely. Thank you for posting.

  4. I would love, love to read this one. Memories...

  5. Oh yeah, books can definitely heal.

  6. Dude, yes: emotional layers, that's where it's at. Lots of book rely too heavily on archetypes or just fall into plain stereotypes and don't go any further. It's refreshing and interesting to see something different.

  7. Wow, Suze, that's one heck of a review!

  8. This sounds like an amazing story.

  9. It does sound very beautiful and emotional.I can't wait to read it.