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Friday, September 29, 2017

Book Review - Lay Me to Rest by E.A. Clark

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Review by Suze

Annie has been through a lot. She lost her husband and finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. Because she needs a break she decides to go to Wales for a while. She hopes that staying at a remote cottage in Anglesey will have a healing effect on her. However, fresh air and healthy meals aren't the only thing she finds. Annie isn't alone, someone is at the cottage and Annie isn't safe there. There's something sinister going on and Annie's suddenly in the middle of it. She isn't a spiritual believer, but when ghosts keep appearing she has to admit something is seriously amiss, will she be able to remain unharmed and protect her unborn child?

Lay Me to Rest is a creepy story about grief, ghosts and terrible secrets. Annie travels to the countryside for some much needed rest, but instead her time in Wales is far from stress free. She's being dragged into something she doesn't understand and while she's trying to make sense of it she also has to come to terms with the death of her husband and the fact that she's going to be a single mother. Fortunately she doesn't want to do everything alone and she asks for help. Together with people who know what they're doing she's able to make some progress, but that doesn't make her problem go away. There are plenty of secrets to be uncovered and she needs to get to the bottom of them. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen with the ghosts and read Lay Me to Rest in one sitting.

E.A. Clark's writing is fast-paced and a little choppy, which suits the eeriness of the story very well. I loved that she gave me the creeps from beginning to end. I enjoy reading ghost stories that actually spook me and liked that there are quite a few chilling scenes. I was hooked from the beginning. The setting is well chosen and E.A. Clark manages to make it come to life in a great vivid way. There are plenty of gripping twists and turns and the ending of Lay Me to Rest raised plenty of questions and managed to make me frightened all over again.


If you love creepy ghost stories Lay Me to Rest would be a great choice.


  1. Sounds like a very thrilling and intriguing read!

  2. Definitely sounds like a page-turner!


  3. I love a good supernatural thriller - this sounds great!

  4. Ooh I love chilly & spooky stories.

  5. I am a huge fan of suspense thriller books. I'd love to read this someday.

  6. Thanks Suze, this sounds perfect for Halloween reading!

  7. Oh I really want to read this book.