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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Book Review - Engaged in Heritage View by Annie Stiles

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Review by Suze

Kate is a successful divorce lawyer. She's ambitious and her career is everything to her. Her father and sister are lawyers as well. Kate's sister works for the family firm while Kate works for a big prestigious city firm. There are problems at home that are making Kate think about returning to Heritage View though. She is worried about her father, because his health is declining and he should retire. He doesn't want to stop before he knows his two daughters are happy and settled, but Kate's personal life is far from perfect. That's why she comes up with a plan to convince her father he can slow down and stop stressing about her well-being. The plan involves her ex boyfriend Scott, will he agree?

Scott is surprised when Kate asks him to be her fake fiancé. She broke his heart many years ago and saying yes to her means she will be back in his life. Scott would love a second chance with the woman of his dreams, but it has to be on his terms. Will he be able to show Kate how she has to listen to her heart instead of her head and can he convince her their love is real and not the lie they've created for her father's sake or will he be heartbroken once more?

Engaged in Heritage View is a wonderful romantic story. Kate is driven, way too serious and stiff at times. She doesn't listen to her heart and she tends to ignore her emotions. Scott is the exact opposite. He's a kindhearted, relaxed guy with a loving warm personality. He knows that defrosting Kate isn't easy, but he does everything he can to open her eyes. I love how he manages to make Kate feel. They're actually really sweet together and they have a great easy companionship that I liked from the start. They're a fantastic match and I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out if they'd have their happily ever after.

Annie Stiles' writing has a nice flow that makes Engaged in Heritage View a joy to read. She's chosen a gorgeous welcoming setting for her story. Heritage View is a very special place and I loved reading about it. Her main characters are trying to fool everyone around them by letting them think they're engaged, which is a fun idea for a story. The execution is flawless, which made me enjoy every single page of this amazing charming and enchanting book.


If you love small town romance and like reading about second chances you should definitely read Engaged in Heritage View. The story is part of a series, but can easily be read as a standalone.


  1. Many tropes here, but they appeal to me!


  2. What an interesting second chance romance! Thanks for sharing the great review.

  3. Aw, sounds like my alley. I love fake fiancé stories.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful second chance romance. Always drawn to happy endings:)

  5. Thank you for the review. Sounds like a great read.

  6. Wonderful review. A bit of romance in the small town. Just what I like.

  7. I love fake relationship stories. They make great romances.

  8. this sounds like my cup of tea, sounds fab, thanks for the review

  9. A lot of emotions going on in this book.