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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review - The Chaos of Longing by K.Y. Robinson

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Review by Suze

there's a universe
swirling inside you

you have to learn to be
your own earth,
wind, fire
and water

you are a natural
not a natural disaster

In The Chaos of Longing K.Y. Robinson writes about her deepest emotions. The poems have been divided into four sections, Inception, Longing, Chaos and Epiphany and they each cover a different part of her personal development. She doesn't stay away from difficult topics, she writes about her early sexuality, sexual trauma, longing, lust, disgust, love, being broken, mental illness and much more in a beautiful raw and honest way. To me it felt like I'd been given a chance to look into her soul, which is something incredibly brave to offer. K.Y. Robinson's readers receive a truly precious gift from the author.

K.Y. Robinson's words have a stunning natural flow. Her poems aren't difficult to read, but at the same time their content is far from easy. I liked that contrast from the start. Once I started reading The Chaos of Longing I couldn't put it down, I had to read all the poems at once and when I finished them I read them again. There are many emotional layers and reading the poems more than once gave me a better insight and understanding of them. I could read this collection over and over again and still discover something new every single time. I am really impressed by these poems and highly recommend The Chaos of Longing.


Please take into account that The Chaos of Longing covers some difficult subjects. If you love raw emotional poetry about love, lust and life this collection is a definite must-read. 


  1. Sounds worthwhile and affecting!


  2. thank you a lot for your review, this book may not be for me but i loved to learn about it and it sure sound as the author made us a wonderful gift

  3. Oh my gosh, talk about laying yourself bare. I wonder if the whole process was as cathartic as I imagine it would be?

  4. I think this would make a great gift.