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Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review - Burning Love by Trish Morey

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Review by Suze

Caleb and Ava have been hooking up for quite a while. Their agreement worked well for them at first. Because of Caleb's divorce he wasn't ready for anything more and Ava thinks she shouldn't have a relationship because of her past, so they were on the same page. However, Caleb is now thinking about having something serious with Ava. She's the woman who makes him happy and he's ready for the next step, but whenever he broaches the subject Ava starts pulling away. Caleb is a firefighter and when bush fires are threatening the surroundings their connection is being tested once more. Will Ava eventually realize she should take a chance on Caleb?

Burning Love is a sexy story about two people who have plenty of chemistry. It's clear from the start that whenever Ava and Caleb are in the same room they can't stay away from each other. Ava has built a big wall around her heart though and she doesn't want to let anyone in. Caleb is persistent and I couldn't wait to find out if she'd eventually see sense. Ava and Caleb are both strong people and I liked reading about their devotion to their work. They have plenty of talent and it was really fun to read about that. It's a wonderful combination with the sparks that they have in abundance.

Trish Morey has written a great passionate story about love, lust, art and fire. Her writing has a nice flow and I flew through the pages. I especially loved the ending, which is wonderfully fitting for the Hot Aussie Knights series. Burning Love is both hot and romantic. Ava and Caleb are fabulous together and they're a perfect addition to the series.


If you love reading about men in uniform Burning Love would be a great choice. It's part of the Hot Aussie Knights series, but can easily be read as a standalone.


  1. Yep, a feel good read for my TBR list.

  2. Firefighters are a given for me, and I'm curious where the art comes in!


  3. I'm looking forward to that ending now.

  4. I think I'll just sit here drooling over the cover shot! Thanks Trish!

  5. Sounds like an exciting story. I'm looking forward to reading it.