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Monday, July 17, 2017

Fighting for Kayla - Online Auction

Jessa Russo has organized an auction to raise money for Kayla. Kayla is a fourteen-year-old girl from the United States. 

Kayla is a smart and pretty girl, however, her health situation is difficult. She has over 25 different diagnoses and most of the illnesses she has are rare. In March her body stopped tolerating food and the doctors are trying to help her eat again. Kayla has a website where you can read her full story. Treating Kayla's health issues is costly and her family and friends are trying to raise money, so she can have the care she needs. You can support her via GoFundMe, where she's reached half of her goal, so there's still a lot of money she needs to be able to see the doctors who can make a difference for her. 

To help raise extra money for Kayla Young Adult author Jessa Russo has organized an online auction that she named Fighting for Kayla. She's asked people for donations and you can bid on plenty of items to support Kayla. Some of them are US only and others are international. The donations have come from different sources. You can bid on manuscript critiques, signed books, art and beauty products plus all kinds of local events and beauty treatments in the USA. There's even a one week stay in a holiday home available. Jessa has put together a great auction with a large variety of items. Bidding is for a good cause, to help save Kayla's life.

Every little amount of money you can miss will make a difference. You can either help Jessa to raise money by bidding on one or more of her auctions or you can donate money for Kayla directly. Every bit of support is very welcome.

One of the auctions you can bid on is a With Love for Books signed books donation. The package consists of Release and Carve the Mark signed first edition hardcovers and The 100 and Day 21 signed paperbacks together with some lovely surprise gifts.

Please spread the word and help Kayla.


  1. Kayla's website is an inspiration - how can such a young girl have so much hope and determination? Here's hoping for a positive outlook for her & her family.

  2. Very meaningful and inspirational

  3. Don't get carried away with the auction decide your top price and stick to it. Remember to always look carefully at the listing, read the description fully also note the postage and returns policy antique and vintage furniture for sale.