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Friday, June 9, 2017

With Love For Romantic Books: The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher by L.D. Crichton - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze
Emma is back in her hometown. She didn't have a nice childhood, but being with people she knows helps her to get over a terrible trauma. She's glad she has her best friend back in her life and her mother seems to have improved a little since the last time she saw her. Emma doesn't have any money, but she's lucky that when her car breaks down she meets Tristan, who helps her to find a job. Tristan makes Emma feel safe and slowly she can start to heal. Will she be able to leave the past behind her and focus on the future?

Tristan has been through a lot and isn't planning on seeing someone again. The last time he was with a woman his heart was badly broken and he doesn't ever want that to happen again. However, he does really like Emma. She's a girl he has to be careful with and for the first time since the most terrible moment of his life, that doesn't make him want to stay away. Does Tristan have what it takes to make Emma believe in happiness again or are they both too damaged by their difficult pasts?

The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher is an amazing moving story. Emma and Tristan don't have an easy carefree existence and they struggle with grief and guilt. Reading about what happened to them brought tears to my eyes. L.D. Crichton writes about the hard parts of life with empathy and honesty and her descriptions are realistic and vivid. Her main characters truly deserve to be loved and cherished after everything they had to deal with. Emma and Tristan are kind, caring and sweet and I liked how perfect they are for each other. They have a wonderful heartwarming connection. I enjoyed reading about how they support one another and how they slowly open up and break down each other's walls. That made the story impressive and memorable for me.

L.D. Crichton's writing has an easy flow. The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher isn't just about romance, the story also has some raw and gripping parts, which gives it plenty of emotional layers. Friendship is as important as love. There's chemistry, but the story is about a lot more than that, the relationship between Emma and Tristan is deep and meaningful. The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher is a fantastic love story with main characters that are beautiful inside and out.


The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher is perfect for readers who like multilayered romantic stories.

About L.D. Crichton

LD Crichton is a New Adult/Young Adult romance author with an extensive list of works that are immersed in the dating scene, seeking their perfect match. Her debut novel, The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher is coming on March 13, 2017.

She has a pre-existing fanbase 148,000 strong and growing established through various forms of social media like Wattpad, Twitter and Facebook. Her work has been featured in Publishers Weekly, Daily Dot, Marketing Magazine, Venture Beat, Contently, Toronto Life and Just Jared.

She is the contracted author for the only official One Direction fan fiction and has also written the official fan fiction's for X-Factor's Emblem3.

In addition, she has worked with the Canadian Hemophilia Society in an unprecedented campaign to raise social awareness for bleeding disorders in women via the creative outlet of storytelling by writing an e-novella called A Negative.

LD currently resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada until that impending lotto win that will allow her to move to an island in the Caribbean in search of Jack Sparrow. 

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  1. The Enchantment of Emma Fletcher sounds like a moving story. I love these types of romance books.

  2. What a wonderful book! It sounds like a very emotional story. Thanks for sharing.

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