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Monday, June 5, 2017

With Love For Reviews - Mini Guest Posts by Heidi Swain & Zara Stoneley

The importance of reviews
By Heidi Swain

Writing is in essence a solitary occupation but reviews give us authors the opportunity to forge a connection with our readers, reaffirm that our hours at the keyboard have been worthwhile and confirm that we are offering the escapism we strive to supply.

Waking up to 5 stars can quite literally turn a mediocre writing day into a roaring success and I appreciate every review that comes my way!

About Heidi Swain

Although passionate about writing from an early age, Heidi Swain gained a degree in Literature, flirted briefly with a newspaper career, married and had two children before she finally plucked up the courage to join a creative writing class and take her literary ambitions seriously.

A lover of Galaxy bars, vintage paraphernalia and the odd bottle of fizz, she now writes contemporary fiction and enjoys the company of a whole host of feisty female characters. 

Heidi can be found at the keyboard at all hours of the day and night and quite often scribbling longhand in her car during her lunch break. She lives in stunning south Norfolk with her wonderful son and daughter and a mischievous cat called Storm.

You can find out more at, or at

The importance of reviews
By Zara Stoneley

Authors write because they want to share stories, and reviews tell us that they've been read! That somebody has inhabited our world, loved or hated our characters, laughed and cried alongside them. However long or short the review is, if it's nice you can guarantee you've made an author very happy!

About Zara Stoneley

Zara Stoneley was born in a small village in Staffordshire and wanted to be James Herriot when she grew up. After completing an IT degree, working as a consultant, running a dog grooming business, teaching, and working at a veterinary practice she decided she had more than enough material to write several books even if she would never qualify as a vet!

She lives in Cheshire with her family and a very bossy cat, and loves spending time in sunny Barcelona.

Zara is currently writing a new series, the first book ‘Summer with the Country Village Vet’, published by HarperCollins is available now – discover a hot vet and the most gorgeous country village ever!


  1. I love stories set in country villages. Summer with the Country Village Vet sounds great.

  2. The life of an author sounds like heaven to me. I wish I had the talent :)

  3. I always leave a review for books I enjoy.

  4. I try to leave reviews or I give them stars.

  5. Brief but convincing arguments!


  6. So good to hear the encouragement for reviews! It takes so little time and can make the world of difference!

  7. Two great authors. Thanks for sharing.