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Saturday, June 24, 2017

With Love For Reviews - Guest Post by Darcie Boleyn

Guest post

Please leave a review
By Darcie Boleyn

It’s June 2017 and I’m lucky enough to finally be a fulltime writer. Why finally? Well, even though my first Darcie Boleyn book released in 2015, I’ve actually been writing for years. It took quite some time – almost twenty years as a classroom teacher, a fair share of rejections, some procrastination and a lot of hard work – to get to where I am today. 

But even though I am an author, I am also a reader. So when I say please leave a review… I’m looking at it from both perspectives. 

Writing can be quite a lonely job. I sit at my computer for hours every day, creating stories and developing characters. I do spend time on social media, which is a great way to communicate with you all, but I have to be careful or it eats into my writing time. And if I want to continue writing, I have to earn, so I have to get on with it… if you see what I mean. Therefore, getting feedback from readers about my books, is very much appreciated. 

One way for you to communicate with me – and other readers and authors – is to leave a review. It doesn’t need to be long, even the one liners are great, but it lets us writers know that you’re reading our work and enjoying it – or sometimes, that you’re not. But either way, we appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Your feedback can give us authors a boost – and who doesn’t like some praise or encouragement – or help us to see something we could develop in future books, whether that’s a plot point, a character or the next book in a series. If it’s about something that you loved, then we know to give you more of that in our next book, and that has to be a good thing.

Your reviews also make our books more appealing to potential readers. If you’ve taken the time to leave a review, then another reader is more likely to buy a copy of the book, especially if they read something in your review that appeals to them.

Reviews also give books more visibility. Search engines pick up on books with lots of reviews because they see them as relevant to new searches. So leave a review and get your favourite authors noticed. This works the same way with sites like Amazon, which will suggest your book to readers who’ve enjoyed similar books. Apparently, it’s all about the algorithms that rely on things like fresh content. Visibility is so important for future sales and even future publishing contracts. 

Even if you didn’t love a book, leaving a review can help. A mixture of good and critical reviews gives a book credibility, and suggests to potential readers that reviews have come from genuine readers, not an author’s friends and family. So even if a book didn’t set your world on fire, leaving a review can still help other readers to make informed decisions.

Then there’s the acknowledgment of yourself as a reader. Authors have their jobs because you like to read. Perhaps you’d even like to write but haven’t yet found the time or just can’t settle to write a full novel. Writing a book review gives you the opportunity to write something, however long or short it is. By writing a review you are empowering yourself because you’re championing reading, which is something you love and enjoy. In addition, writing down your feelings about a book can be therapeutic; after all, if you enjoyed the story, why? If it made you emotional, why? Did you enjoy the escapism? Identify with one of the characters? Get whisked away to a different place and time?

Reviews also make great marketing tools for authors and publishers because we can use your quotes to tempt other readers to buy our books. This genuine word of mouth endorsement helps enormously, and who knows, your quote might even make it onto a site like Amazon, an author or publisher website, or a future book cover.

Finally, you don’t have to write a detailed review if you don’t want to. As I’ve already said, even the words good book or entertaining read, with a rating, will help.

So please, leave a review and help the reading and writing communities to continue to share our enjoyment of the written word.

About Darcie Boleyn

Darcie Boleyn has a huge heart and is a real softy. She never fails to cry at books and movies, whether the ending is happy or not. Darcie is in possession of an overactive imagination that often keeps her awake at night.

Her childhood dream was to become a Jedi but she hasn’t yet found suitable transport to take her to a galaxy far, far away. She also has reservations about how she’d look in a gold bikini, as she rather enjoys red wine, cheese and loves anything with ginger or cherries in it – especially chocolate.

Darcie fell in love in New York, got married in the snow, rescues uncoordinated greyhounds and can usually be found reading or typing away on her laptop.

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  1. Great advices. Love to know what the author except from a reader. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've discovered some wonderful authors and books by reading reviews so I make sure to write ones for the books I read so others might try them too. Your titles are catchy and covers whimsical. These are the kind of books I can't walk past in a store.

  3. Great post! I always leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

  4. Having that perspective from both sides is interesting!