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Sunday, June 25, 2017

With Love for Bookouture: The Lost Daughter of Liverpool by Pam Howes - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Dora and Joe can finally get married. It's 1946 and the war is over at last, so the future is looking a lot brighter than before. Dora is building up her own dressmaking business together with her best friend Joanie and Dora and Joe have found a nice house to live in. When Dora gets pregnant they're over the moon. However, that is when bad luck is starting to strike. Dora's pregnancy is tough, she's having twins, but unfortunately one of them doesn't make it. This is only the beginning of a tragic period in Dora's life. Will she survive?

Joe's colleague Ivy has always been interested in him and Dora knows she has to watch out for the woman. When Dora isn't well Joe confides in Ivy and he starts spending time with her, while he should have stayed away. The woman is determined to take Dora's man from her. Can Dora compete and will she be able to save her marriage? After everything she and Joe have been through, are they strong enough to make it together or will Ivy get exactly what she wants?

Dora is a sweet and cheerful girl. She's intelligent, talented and creative. Joe is the one for her and marrying him is the start of a new life for both of them. Unfortunately they aren't having an easy time and Dora's heart is being broken time after time. She keeps fighting her way out of her misery and I admired her for that. She doesn't have any time to breathe between the catastrophes that are happening in her life, but she can stand up for herself and she still knows what she wants the future to be like. She's a wonderful person and although her story is sad I loved reading it and adored Dora's beautiful spirit.

 The Lost Daughter of Liverpool is an emotional story about the importance of family and the value of friendship. It's tragic, but also hopeful and I shed quite a few tears while reading it. The story certainly impressed me and Pam Howes is a skilled writer. I could easily picture what life was like in the years after the war and her vivid descriptions are making her setting and characters come to life incredibly well. There are many surprising twists and turns and the ending is fitting and meaningful. The Lost Daughter of Liverpool gripped me from the start and I absolutely loved this fantastic story.

If you like a good family saga you should definitely read The Lost Daughter of Liverpool.

About Pam Howes

Pam Howes was born in Cheshire. She is a retired Interior Designer who began writing seriously in the mid nineties. The idea for her first novel, set in the sixties, was inspired by her time as a teenager, working in a local record store and hanging around with musicians who frequented the business. 

That first novel evolved into a series set in the fictional town of Pickford, based on her home town of Stockport. Three Steps to Heaven; 'Til I Kissed You; Always On My Mind; Not Fade Away, and That'll Be The Day, follow the lives and loves through the decades of fictional Rock'n'Roll band The Raiders. Pam is a big fan of sixties music and it's this love that compelled her to write the series. 

A stand-alone true-life romance, Fast Movin' Train, set in the nineties, was published in early 2012. A new series of Fairground Romances, set in the sixties, begins with Cathy's Clown, to be followed by Ruby Tuesday early 2016. 

Pam is mum to three adult daughters, grandma to seven assorted grandchildren, and roadie to one musician partner. She still lives in Cheshire and is currently involved in raising awareness of her home-town's musical heritage with campaigns to have Blue Plaques erected on the walls of local clubs, The Manor Lounge and The Sinking Ship, where the likes of The Walker Brother's, The Who and Jimi Hendrix played; now closed, but still firmly in the hearts of Stockport's recycled teenagers. 

Author links

Amazon: Howes/e/B004D5E24S/ref=sr_tc_ 2_0 qid=1421929686&sr=8-2-ent


One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will received a signed copy or an audiobook (winner's choice) of The Lost Daughter of Liverpool and a gorgeous book cover necklace and one runner-up will get a digital version of the book.

The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


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