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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Releasing the Demons & Black Bullet by L.D. Rose - Book Reviews, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Blaze Knight knows what hell looks like. He visited this excruciating place for seven months while he was captured by Cyrus. Cyrus is an old vampire with a lust for torture. When his brother rescues him more dead than alive, Blaze has to find a way to deal with the gruesome things that were done to him. Blaze and his brothers are hybrids. They were born out of an experiment that made them half vampire. They all have special abilities and Blaze's skill is fire. When a girl has been found murdered minutes after Blaze spent the night with her, all evidence leads to him. Who is out for blood? Will the Knights be able to track down the real killer or are they the ones that are being hunted?

Valerie has known everything there is to know about vampires ever since they slaughtered her sister when she was just a young girl. She's made it her life goal to empty the streets and free them from as many vampires as she can. Together with her partner she wanders in the dark to find those murdering leeches. Valerie finds it difficult to trust, but when Blaze is brought in for murder she knows he's innocent. Valerie can't help but notice how gorgeous he is and finds herself wanting this beautiful but scarred man. What will Valerie do when she finds out that Blaze is not completely human?

Blaze's affinity is for fire. This makes him able to literally produce fire, but it also gives him infrared vision. He can distinguish anything that produces heat. Blaze is a big and muscular man, just like his brothers. His body is covered in tattoos. For some people this is body art, but for Blaze it's a way to make his scars less noticeable. Even though he's picked up the pieces as well as he can, he still has nightmares about everything that happened to him when he was captured. He feels broken, but he's such a beautiful soul. Blaze treats everybody with respect and gives money to people who really need it. That showed me that underneath all of his protective layers he's one of the kindest people out there.

Valerie has been damaged by what happened to her sister. The murderer didn't only take her sister from her, but also drove her mother mad. Valerie feels responsible and wishes she could turn back time. She's a well respected officer and is incredibly skilled at taking down vampires. Valerie is tough and this makes it difficult to get to know her. When she meets Blaze she truly starts to feel again after a long time. I loved how someone with the affinity for fire melted the heart of such a beautiful person. Valerie is alone and I wished for her to find another family again.

Releasing the Demons is an action-packed story filled with unexpected twists and turns. It had me glued to my seat and I was anxious to find out more about Blaze and Valerie's background, but also about the battle that is destined to come. This was my first book by L.D. Rose and what a great way to get to know a new author. Her way of building up the tension and releasing this through a massive explosion is absolutely brilliant. Releasing the Demons is the first book in The Order of The Senary series and L.D. Rose had me hooked from the very first page. I can't wait to read the next book and learn more about this amazing family.


If you like stories about vampires and the ancient battle between good and evil I highly recommend Releasing the Demons. It does address some very difficult and violent topics. Please take this in consideration before you start reading the story.

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Review by Anniek

Jonathan died. People said goodbye to him at his funeral, but what they don't know is that he woke up as a vampire. Now Jon works together with the Knight brothers and helps them to take down the bad vampires. Vampires who show no mercy to anyone and who have done unimaginably cruel things to others. Jon is different because when he turned his soul remained whole. He still knows who he was and remembers everything about his former life. When he has a violent run-in with a female hybrid, Jon can't get her haunting eyes out of his head. He wants to find her again and show her that he's one of the good guys. What would happen if his soul is not the only thing that made it back?

Lawan lives alone. Vampires tortured her and left her for dead. In the hospital the horrific things that were done to her came to the surface. Lawan has never been the same since. She hides in her own sanctuary, which is an abandoned church. Vampires can't come onto holy ground, so she feels safe whenever she's at the only place she calls home. Lawan knows about the hybrid brothers. She once lived with them in the same compound. Lawan is out for revenge and will not rest until she has exterminated ever single Temhota vampire. To her Jon is just another vampire, but when she learns about him fighting side by side with the Senary, Lawan must open her eyes to the fact that maybe there are still some good men left. Will Lawan be able to let other people get close to her again?

Jon has always lived by the honorable code of the marines and the FBI. The day he died was the day his human life ended and his vampire life began. Jon is an intelligent man and an incredibly skilled fighter. He went on several missions and is a reliable soldier, someone people want to have on their side. I liked to read about how this big badass man meets his match in Lawan. She kicks his behind and he has to pull out every trick in the book to get on her good side. Jon is protective and he will do anything to keep his loved ones safe, which is something I admired about him.

Lawan has been on the verge of death, but came out even stronger than she already was. She can hold her own like any man and she's a force to be reckoned with. Lawan also has a softer side that she keeps hidden. She has a cat that she takes good care of and I liked that I was introduced to the woman behind the hybrid. I loved her way of thinking, she's really smart and she has a great sense of humor. I'm in awe with this beautiful woman, who still finds the strength to take back what was taken from her.

Black Bullet is the second book in The Order of The Senary series and it's mind-blowing. L.D. Rose does not spare her main characters. They have gone through the most horrific events and this book isn't for the faint-hearted. She gives her readers the chance to look inside the minds of the evil as well as the good guys. I think that's an interesting angle. I found myself using every minute I could find to read another paragraph. I carried my kindle everywhere. I have been hooked on this series ever since Releasing the Demons and I can't wait to find out what more L.D. Rose has in store for us.


If you're looking for a dark, gripping and disturbing thriller with paranormal elements, then get this book, it's absolutely amazing. Black Bullet does address some very difficult and violent topics, be aware of this before you start the story.

About L.D. Rose

L.D. Rose is a neurotic physician by day, crazed writer by night, and all around wannabe superhero. She writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but she's been known to delve into horror, sci-fi, and medical suspense on occasion. L.D. Rose is a PAN member of the RWA, FF&P, NEC-RWA and CoLoNY. She currently lives in Rhode Island with her studly hubby, her hyperactive boxer, and her two devious cats.

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Guest post
A Gritty Gotham by L.D. Rose

First, I’d like to say thank you for featuring me on your blog, Anniek!

My name is Linda (writing as L.D. Rose) and I’m a doctor by day and author of dark PNR/UF by night. Today I’ll be talking about the world I created in The Order of The Senary series and my inspiration for the setting in the current books, RELEASING THE DEMONS and BLACK BULLET.

Although both novels are dark paranormal romances, they’re very heavy on urban fantasy, likely influenced for my love of all things gritty and metropolitan. This series takes place in the alternate present, in a dystopian New York City. I adore NYC and lived just north of the Big Apple during my medical school training. The sights and sounds of 469 square miles of concrete populated by 8.5 million people inspired me in so many ways, from the gothic architecture to the people watching to the visions of “what if?” What if vampires finally rose out of the darkness and attacked all of the major cities in the world? Where would humans run, hide, and would they fight back? How would they handle this evolutionary shift in power?

And hence, the premise for these crazy stories bloomed.

The Order of The Senary is one of a few groups of hybrid mercenaries genetically engineered by the U.S. government to exterminate vampires. Being half vampire themselves, they all undergo a constant battle between the monster and human inside them. Although they were socialized with humans as children, they grew up on military bases, trained to hone their powers (or the “side effects” of their hybridization, like pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and shapeshifting to name a few) and to become lethal killers. The psychological and physical trauma they endure is intense, but it’s all for the “greater good” of the human race. Taught to despise all things fanged (besides their own brothers), their love for their fellow man knows no bounds, but they’re banned from developing intimate relationships with others.

Until they each meet their own illicit partner, whether human, vampire, or something else entirely. ;)

Want to learn more? Check out the first novel, RELEASING THE DEMONS, available at all Amazon stores in both print and eBook. The second novel, BLACK BULLET, just released in November and I’m thrilled to share this vision of a dark world where love, brotherhood, and loyalty is the best means of survival.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for stopping by!


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