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Friday, June 9, 2017

Book Review - Wishbones by Virginia MacGregor

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Review by Suze

Feather worries about her mother. She's morbidly obese and lapsed into a diabetic coma. If she doesn't change her eating habits she'll only have a few more months left to live. Feather wants to save her mother and comes up with a plan to look after her and make her lose weight. However, both her mother and her father aren't cooperative at all. Feather wants to know why. They're keeping something from her and she's made it her sole purpose to find out what it is.

Feather lives in a small village called Willingdon. Her best friend Jake is the only other teenager in the village, but that changes when Clay arrives. Clay is struggling with his weight as well, he's dangerously skinny. While Feather is trying to deal with her family problems Jake is slowly starting to spend more time with Clay. Will his friendship with Feather survive and will Feather eventually find out her family's secret?

Feather is a sweet girl. She's a bit naïve, she's a talented swimmer, she loves with all her heart and she gives everything of herself to the people who are important to her. She fights for what she believes in and her determination knows no bounds. Feather is a special person and she's a wonderful main character. She never tires, she keeps trying new things and she's coming up with plan after plan. Feather never gives up. My heart ached for her sometimes, because she doesn't get as much appreciation as she should. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what people were keeping from her and hoped she'd be able to sort things out, so her wishes would come true.

Wishbones is an original story about a complex topic, weight issues. A lot of people are struggling with eating disorders and Virginia MacGregor has written an impressive story about this. There's more behind it than just the problems with food itself and she explains this in a fantastic empathic way. She's honest and direct and she knows what she's writing about. I greatly admired the important subject she's chosen for her story and the amazing way she describes it. Fear and hope are the main emotions Feather has to deal with and she keeps looking for the silver linings, which made me feel bittersweet. Wishbones is a heartwarming story filled with depth, energy and complicated situations. It has plenty of interesting twists and turns and a beautiful ending. I highly recommend this unique book.


If you love emotional stories about very special main characters Wishbones would be an amazing choice. I think both teenagers and adults will like this original story.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Sounds intense but intriguing...


  3. I'd love to read this. I enjoy character driven stories and important topics. Feather sounds like an amazing young lady.

  4. Thanks for the lovely review Suze :)

  5. Weight, body image and eating disorders are extremely complex issues to deal with. I find it so heartening that contemporary authors are bringing these often private, indeed secretive, problems to light.

  6. Important topic yes so if it's well written i'm sure it could help some understand that better. thanks for the review