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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Book Review - Out of the Darkness by Katy Hogan

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Review by Suze

Jess is devastated when her mother dies. She has lost her best friend and the person who was always there for her was taken away from her way too soon. When Jess meets Finn she knows she's found her soul mate. They have one special night together, but it's the most meaningful moment of Jess's life and it gives her hope for the future. Jess visits a bereavement group and slowly she starts feeling a little bit better again. She even finds a friend, Alex, who's just moved into a new house to have a fresh start. Will they be able to be there for each other when they need it the most?

Alex is experiencing things that she can't explain. Because of this she and Jess are trying to find answers through psychics, who can give them messages from the dead. Alex is having a secret, something she isn't ready to share yet, but she needs friends more than ever. She and Jess meet someone they both really like in Jess's bereavement counselling group. Hannah is there to mourn a loss of her own and the three become good friends. The messages from beyond the grave keep coming, what are they trying to tell them and what's so important that contact has to be made?

Out of the Darkness is a breathtaking heartwarming story about love in many forms, friendship and loss. Jess, Alex and Hannah are wonderful main characters. They're very different and I liked each of them in their own way. Alex is brave and determined, Hannah is almost too sweet and she's struggling and Jess is someone who loves fiercely and therefore she's lost. Their friendship is special and the connection is so beautiful that it moved me to tears. I loved the combination of being there for one another in life and being looked after by the dead. The messages from those who have passed away made me curious and there's plenty of meaning in them, which gives the story an extra layer of depth and a gorgeous enchanting quality.

Katy Hogan has a lovely warm writing style and she's a skilled storyteller. Out of the Darkness is a captivating story that made me feel a variety of interesting emotions. There's sadness and happiness and much more in between and every feeling is being thoroughly explored, which is something I liked a lot. Out of the Darkness is such an extraordinary story, it greatly impressed me and it made me think about life and death and everything in between. I highly recommend this fantastic book.


If you love beautiful moving stories with a spiritual angle Out of the Darkness is an absolute must-read.


  1. Thank you for your review, sounds nice!

  2. I actually own this paperback but have yet to read it. I have to move it further up the reading list, I see ;)

  3. Thank you for the review. The book sounds great.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  5. This sounds like a sweet story and I love the cover.

  6. Sounds like there's a cool touch of magical realism!


  7. This sounds like a very touching story that I'd enjoy.

  8. One of life's certainties is that pain and sorrow can sometimes unite us even more than laughter and good times. From that unity comes hope for future and better times to come.

  9. probably too emotionnal for me because of the main topic but it sound good thanks for teh review