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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review - The Mothers of Lovely Lane by Nadine Dorries

Review by Suze

Ever since Paddy came home injured from the war his wife Noleen has been the one in their household who's responsible for bringing in money. She doesn't earn much working as a cleaner at St Angelus Hospital in Liverpool. That's why they need their son Bryan's income as well. He works as a porter at the same hospital. Paddy is feeling useless because he misses one of his legs and sits at home moping all day. Will the warmth of family and friends be able to lift his spitrits and make him feel useful again?

Lorcan is afraid of his thieving big brothers. He wants to earn an honest living and when he is fourteen years old he can finally find himself a job. He starts working at St Angelus and hopefully he'll be able to stay away from the life of crime his brothers are involved in. Will he be able to pull it off and manage to stay away from them and is he strong enough to he handle the care of his mother, who hasn't been right ever since her husband died in the war?

The trainee nurses of Lovely Lane have become close friends. Pammy, Dana, Beth and Victoria are working hard to finish their education. Beth feels left out, because she hasn't found love yet. The other nurses are dating and that's what she wants as well. Will she be able to choose wisely when someone's finally showing an interest? Beth might feel lonely, but Pammy is the only one who's happily in love though. Both Dana and Victoria are having problems that can't easily be solved and they need their friends more than ever. Will they be all right?

The Mothers of Lovely Lane is another wonderful story about St Angelus by Nadine Dorries. I absolutely love reading about everything that's going on in the hospital. It was nice to read about the nurses, the doctors, the porters and the cleaning staff again. The Mothers of Lovely lane is all about friendship and community spirit. The main characters are wonderful people who are helping each other and are trying to be the best they can be. I liked that attitude very much and enjoyed reading about their creative solutions to any kind of problem. The close friendships in this story are absolutely heartwarming and they constantly put a smile on my face.

Nadine Dorries has a lovely writing style that's easy to read. I flew through he pages of The Mothers of Lovely Lane and didn't want to put it down. There are many main characters and all of them are equally interesting. St Angelus is an amazing place to work and those who have a job there see each other as family. It's a fantastic setting to read about. Nadine Dorries always gives the exact right amount of details and her descriptions are lively and dynamic. She skillfully creates a stunning atmosphere over and over again, which is one of the most terrific part of her stories. The Mothers of Lovely Lane is a brilliant inspiring novel filled with love, friendship and secrets. I highly recommend this entertaining comforting book, it definitely lifted my spirits.


If you love heartwarming stories set in the years after the Second World War The Lovely Lane series would be an excellent choice. I'd start with book one, The Angels of Lovely Lane, and read the books in the correct order.

About Nadine Dorries

I was first elected as an MP for Mid Bedfordshire in May 2005 and my feet really haven’t touched the ground since.

My background is one of nursing and business, broken by a spell of teaching in Africa.

The mother of three daughters I am originally from Liverpool and arrived at my constituency via a long spell in the Cotswolds.

As an MP I constantly draw upon skills learnt or gained during my pre political life.

Never one to sit still, I have found the challenges Mid Bedfordshire has presented exhilarating (whoever told me it was a quiet rural constituency on the day I was first elected was obviously having a joke at my expense!)

A constituency of 77,000 homes, there are plans afoot to increase this by a further 12,000.

Preventing Mid Bedfordshire from being swamped by concrete remains my main focus and my biggest challenge.

As a young nurse living on a council estate, I learnt to communicate with people from all walks of life. After all, you never knew who was going to arrive in casualty next; the homeless drug addict or a barrister. This is a skill which has served me well every day in my role as an MP.

I like to think that, whilst having developed a reputation as a tough campaigner and fighter on behalf of constituents, they know that I’m just as able with a box of tissues and a big shoulder to cry on.

That will always be at the heart of everything I do. Representing, speaking out, working hard for every individual who needs my help, regardless of whether they vote for me or not or what their political beliefs are. It is of no consequence to me. I am here to represent everyone in Mid Bedfordshire and will continue to do so whilst always carrying with me the knowledge that it is the hugest privilege and honour to do so.



  1. Thank you for the wonderful review!

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  6. Love the review. It sounds like a wonderful story with many interesting characters. I'll be adding the books to my TRL.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  7. since your review of book 1 i have been tempted to try this series seeing it keeps being so good just make that want stronger. thank you for the review

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  9. The friendship between these ladies sounds so nice.

  10. I love the cover. I had to wear the same cloaks when I was training as a nurse.

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    Msg from Ash (@Ms_Zircon)

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