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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Book Review - Hot Mess by Amy Andrews

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Review by Suze
Arabella broke Logan's heart. She was the woman of his dreams, but she left him. When Logan sees her in front of the station, where he works as a firefighter, he feels he has to talk to her. He's surprised, however, that she doesn't recognize him when they meet again after nine years. Bella has amnesia and she doesn't remember Logan at all and has no idea why they broke up. They immediately click just as well as they used to.
When Logan speaks to Bella's father he's being asked to keep something from Bella. Logan doesn't want to do this and thinks she deserves the whole story instead, but because of Bella's happiness he gives in and does what they ask of him. The truth often comes out though. What will Bella do when she discovers what happened to them in past, will she give him another chance or will she break his heart all over again?
Hot Mess is a sweet and sexy romantic story. Bella doesn't remember anything about her time with Logan. She's a strong woman and deals with her difficulties in a brave way. She's kind and cheerful and I loved how honest and open she is. It's clear from the start that she's the one for Logan. He's passionate about both Bella and his work. He's a dedicated firefighter and I applaud his courage and determination. He's protective and doesn't want to see Bella hurt, but keeping the truth from her feels wrong. I admired his strength and the fact that he has a conscience. I love reading about men in uniform and he's definitely worth reading about. I also liked the amazing chemistry between him and Bella and read their story in one sitting.
Amy Andres has a lovely descriptive writing style. She writes about emotions in a great sympathetic way, which makes her story come to life really well. I enjoyed that she gives plenty of information about her main characters, so it's easy to get to know them through and through. It was fabulous to read about two very special main characters. I loved Hot Mess, it's a wonderful story with plenty of original twists and turns.
If you like reading stories about men in uniform Hot Mess will be an excellent choice.


  1. Second chance romance? I'm in. I love them.

  2. Amnesia themed novels are always full of surprises, because you'll never know whether thigs will be different or history will repeat itself.

  3. at first i thought it was a military one because of the note men in uniform but firefighter deserves even more respect in a sense so this book sound really interesting, i love strong chemistry between characters.thank you for the review

  4. I love this story already. I love when the Author gives us history on thee main characters. For me the better I know a character the easier it is to get emotionally involved. Thanks for your review. This is a definite read for me.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. I love the title & this book sounds great.

  6. The amnesia trope is always intriguing!


  7. I am wondering what the secret is! Sounds good.

  8. Firefighters are all heroes to me.