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Friday, June 16, 2017

Book Review - Burning Both Ends by Sinclair Jayne

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Review by Suze

Dare is a firefighter and worked as a smoke jumper in Montana. After a heavy loss her commander signed her up for an exchange program in Australia and there they don't know what to do with her. She's being pushed from one station to the next. When she meets Lachlan sparks fly and they have a hot night together. She doesn't know he'll be her new commander for the duration of her stay and that he sticks to the rules, which means he feels he shouldn't hook up with Dare again. However, their chemistry is going through the roof, will they be able to control themselves?

Burning Both Ends is a sexy story about a man and a woman in uniform. I absolutely love reading about strong women who are brave enough to face their fears. Dare is sweet and confident. When she loves it's forever and she does it with her whole heart. I admired her loyalty and determination and my heart ached for the girl she used to be. That girl turned into an amazing fierce woman, which is another thing I liked about her story. Dare is a fantastic main character and that made me love Burning Both Ends from the start.

Lachlan is a nice guy. He knows what it's like to lose people you love, which makes the bond between him and Dare extra strong. He does everything he can for his family and friends and he's always there to help someone when they need him. He's perfect for Dare. They're different, but they are both passionate people and that's something that immediately connects them. Their relationship is fiery and their bond is strong. I couldn't wait to discover if they'd find the happiness they both deserve after everything they went through and read their story in one sitting.

Sinclair Jayne's writing flows easily and Burning Both Ends is a quick read. It's entertaining and hot, but there are also some deep emotional layers. I loved the way Sinclair Jayne describes the feelings and thought processes of her main characters. She writes about what being a firefighter is like in a fascinating way. Her main characters aren't being spared, but she approaches every problem with kindness honesty, which makes her story both raw and sympathetic at the same time. I loved Burning Both Ends and think it's a wonderful romantic read.


If you like books about men in uniform Burning Both Ends would be a great choice. It's the second story in a series and can easily be read as a standalone.


  1. i do hope they have their happy end because it sure sounds as they suffered enough and their work is a difficult one so i must say i'm curious about this book because from those with hero in uniform i have read i don't think i had a firefighter yet so two would be great

    thank you for this excellent review

  2. Appealing cover. I will definitely enjoy this book 😊

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Love firemen, of course!


  5. Sounds great! I'd love to read it, thanks.

  6. Sounds and looks great!
    Thank you for the review!