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Thursday, May 25, 2017

With Love For Romantic Books: Sunset Thunder by Shannyn Leah - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Violet was unhappily married to Joel and is now a single mother. She's a wedding coordinator at the Caliendo Resort, a five-star business run by her family. She's been asked to plan Joel's wedding with the woman he was seeing behind Violet's back when they were still married. Violet wears her Ice Queen mask and pretends everything is fine. She's hurt though and to make herself feel happier she has sex with Ryder in one of the hotel bathrooms. Ryder is Joel's best friend and he has a reputation, so Violet tells herself it's a one time thing and nothing more, but is that really true?

Violet and Ryder can't fight their mutual attraction.Whenever they run into each other sparks fly between them. However, they both have a past and they are keeping secrets from each other and from the people who love them. Will those secrets come out eventually? Violet has a family to protect and her kids will always come first. Will Ryder and Violet have a chance together despite their difficult start and Joel's irritating interference?

Sunset Thunder is a sexy romantic story. Ryder is handsome, kind and generous. He's also emotionally closed off and is more or less on his own. He doesn't have anyone he can lean on and my heart ached for him because of his lonely life. Violet is good for Ryder, but it's hard for him to let her into his world. They've been fed misassumptions about one another and giving someone their trust isn't something that is easy for both of them. Violet doesn't show her feelings, she makes sure her face is a cold mask, but underneath the cool façade there's so much spirit and passion. She's kind and caring as well and I loved the way she treats her kids. Both Violet and Ryder need unconditional love and support and I kept hoping they'd find that with each other. There's plenty of chemistry between them, but there could be so much more and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, because I was so curious about what would happen to them.

Shannyn Leah's writing has an easy flow. She makes her main characters and settings come to life incredibly well. I loved the Caliendo Resort, it's a luxurious setting with plenty of interesting spaces. The Caliendos are pretty dysfunctional and there are many family secrets they struggle with. Shannyn Leah writes about them with compassion and honesty and I liked that a lot. It's such a sharp contrast with the subject of her story, family secrets and lies, and the way she brings it is both intriguing and compelling. She combines this with a wonderful love story and that works very well. I definitely enjoyed reading Sunset Thunder, it's a promising start of the Caliendo Resort series and I can't wait to read more.


If you love sparkling romance combined with family intrigues you will definitely like Sunset Thunder.

About Shannyn Leah

Contemporary romance author Shannyn Leah loves olives, lip gloss and reading (and writing) romance novels. Her love of words started at an early age and soon grew until, during her teenage years, she’d started writing her own novels. When her mom pushed to finally publish some of the stories, she quickly amassed two complete romance series (By The Lake and Caliendo Resort series) and, in 2016, released her first Fantasy Romance entitled The Gatekeepers (Part One of the Winters Rising series).
When she's not writing contemporary romance books into the early hours of the morning, Shannyn can be found antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma and sister, in their picturesque London, Ontario hometown.

Shannyn would love to get to know her readers as you get to know her (just don’t send her any carrots!)

Random Things you didn't know about Shannyn Leah:

I love olives! A LOT! I could eat a jar of olives in one sitting...and I am not talking about the small jar. At family meals the olives are missing off the table before the meal is even served!

I hoard lip gloss like it's on its last production line! You will find a stashed lip gloss in every room of my house plus my purse, jacket...laptop bag. Everywhere!

I DO NOT like carrots! Raw or cooked, these little orange vegetables never make it past my lips.

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