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Saturday, May 20, 2017

With Love For Horror Books: Doll House by John Hunt - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

On her first day at university Olivia is walking around to get to know her way around the campus, when two masked men grab her and take her with them in a van. They put her in a cell, a pink one that looks like a room in a doll house. A doll is exactly what they want her to be, something for the two masked men to do with whatever they please. Fighting them has consequences and they're cruel, extremely cruel.

Doll House is a gripping story. There were moments when I was almost too afraid to keep reading. Olivia is a brave and clever girl. She's defiant, determined to stay alive and incredibly brave. I greatly admired her and her survival instincts were fascinating to read about. The things her abductors put her through literally made me nauseous. Doll House isn't for the faint hearted. It's very creepy and raw and John Hunt put me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I sometimes even forgot to breathe because I was so engrossed in the story.

John Hunt's writing has a nice flow, which is a stark contrast to the subject he's writing about. Doll House is about the monsters that could be real. That made the story even scarier for me. I had tears in my eyes when I read about the cruelty of the two masked men. Their actions, thoughts, worldview and fantasies made me gag. John Hunt writes about them in an amazing realistic way that makes the story easy to believe and even more horrendous. Doll House is a well written horrific story with a fantastic ending. I highly recommend this shocking story and will be sleeping with the light on from now on.


Doll House is perfect for readers with strong stomachs who like incredibly creepy stories about monsters that could be real. Some of the violence is quite explicit, keep this in mind before you start reading.

About John Hunt

A busy father of four with a dog and cat, John Hunt lives and works in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He has had nine short stories published in various anthologies and is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

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Five very lucky readers of With Love For Books will receive an amazing prize. John Hunt will be giving away one signed paperback copy, one paperback copy and three digital copies of Doll House.
The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


  1. looks like a real page turner xx

  2. This sounds really good. Love the cover as well, that grabs me straight away.

  3. Sounds like one to NOT read when you're at home alone! I love it when you get so engrossed you forget to breathe.

  4. I love it when a book makes me almost uncomfortable. Great cover and creepy plot. Would love to read this.

  5. I really want to read this book. I've found that books with titles of objects tend to be very scary, grins. I am all about horror and being scared... in books, not so much real life! lol :)

  6. Sounds like a very creepy, edge-of-your-seat book that's not for the faint hearted. Just my cup of tea.

  7. Yes! This sounds just like the sort of book that I'd have to read in one go. We are in the midst of monsters.

  8. I love this kind of book! Scary :)

  9. What an intriguing book! I love scary stories. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the giveaway.


  11. This is such a fantastic book cover. It can visualise the house and whatever is going on inside 😀

  12. I love psychological thrillers - this looks like the kind of book I'd really enjoy! A really novel idea re the doll house element, too.

  13. Im glad to have found this post as its such an interesting one! I am always on the watchout for quality posts and articles so i suppose im lucky to have found this! I hope you will be adding more in the future… horror movies