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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Burn for Me and White Hot by Ilona Andrews - Book Reviews & Excerpt


Book reviews
by Suze

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Nevada has saved her family's business and is working hard to make sure money keeps coming in. She's a private detective with a special skill that is incredibly useful when she needs to interrogate people. In a world filled with magic and class systems that are based on power she tries to keep a roof over her family's head. In order to prevent them from being evicted she has to go after a powerful Prime, someone with the highest magical ranking, and bring him back alive. Will Nevada have the skills to pull this off?

Nevada isn't the only one who is chasing her target. When another Prime, Mad Rogan, captures Nevada she doesn't have much choice, she has to work with him in order to survive. Together they go after their mutual suspect. However, there's plenty of attraction between them and it isn't wise for Nevada to get involved with a Prime. She's sure it won't end well and she isn't interested in a broken heart. Can she resist Rogan long enough to make her mission succeed?

Burn for Me is a gripping story about magic, passion and mystery. Nevada is tough, she's got an iron will, she loves her family very much, and therefore doesn't mind to shoulder a lot of responsibility, and she is incredibly smart and gifted. When she meets Mad Rogan she knows there's a connection, but being with a Prime usually ends with a nasty breakup. Rogan is persistent and used to getting what he wants, but Nevada isn't afraid to speak her mind and knows how to keep her distance. I loved their chemistry, their game of pushing and pulling and their amazing ability to work together. They're impressive main characters and I really enjoyed reading about them.

Burn for Me is set in an interesting society. I loved the class system based on magic and liked reading about the different kind of powers people can have. The world building is admirable, Ilona Andrews has plenty of brilliant skills in this area. Something else I absolutely loved about this book are the combat scenes. They're realistic and vivid and reading them kept me on the edge of my seat. Every detail in an Ilona Andrews book is always exactly as it should be and that makes the stories perfect for me, Burn for Me is no exception. I highly recommend the Hidden Legacy series.

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads
When someone needs Nevada's help to track a dangerous murderer she's reluctant to take the case, because it's too dangerous for her small business. She runs her family's investigative agency and is responsible for a large household consisting of people with various magical skills. Nevada tries to keep her own skills hidden from the outside world. What she can do is useful in her line of work, but she doesn't want to share her abilities with the rest of the magical classes to keep herself safe and remain in the shadows.
Nevada's new case makes her cross paths with the dangerous Prime Mad Rogan once more. Primes have the highest magical ranking and are therefore incredibly rich. Mad Rogan isn't an exception and when he wants something he'll make sure he gets it. However, Nevada isn't someone he can easily seduce. She knows how to say no and he's putting in a lot of effort to change her mind. Will they be able to find their murderer, what kind of evil plot is behind the case they're looking into and will Nevada be able to keep her distance from the dangerous man she's so attracted to?
White Hot is another amazing Hidden Legacy novel. Nevada is strong and capable. She's trying to find out more about her magic, so she can train herself. Her opponents are powerful and she needs every possible skill she can master to fight them off. Nevada and Mad Rogan are a great team. Together they're a force to be reckoned with, but their adversaries are numerous and prepared. I couldn't wait to find out if they'd be able to fight them off and read White Hot in one sitting. It's a fantastic story from beginning to end and I couldn't put it down.
The Hidden Legacy series is fascinating, intriguing and gripping. I love how the different kinds of magic are being described, they're coming to life very well due to the vibrant and colorful descriptions of the powers of the main characters. One of my favorite parts of every book by Ilona Andrews is the way movement is being described. The battles that are being fought are thrilling and the way the authors are expressing themselves is absolutely stunning. White Hot is a brilliant passionate story about intricate conspiracies, original magical powers and intelligent detective work. I love this terrific series.
When you want to start reading the Hidden Legacy series you should read book one, Burn for Me, before you start reading book two, White Hot, to understand the entire story.
About Ilona Andrews

“Ilona Andrews" is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade. (Gordon is still sore about that.) They have co-authored two New York Times and USA Today bestselling series—the urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and the romantic urban fantasy of The Edge—and are working on the next volumes for both. They live in Texas with their two children and many dogs and cats.

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“My wife is dead.” His voice shook with barely controlled emotion. His eyes glistened. “She’s my light. She found me in the darkest time of my life and she saw something in me . . . She believed I could be a better man. I didn’t deserve her or the happiness we had. She loved me, Nevada. She loved me so much, in spite of my faults, and I was the luckiest man alive because when I opened my eyes in the morning, I saw her next to me. She had integrity. She was kind and intelligent, and she tried her hardest to do the right thing so this world would be a better place for our child to grow up in. She didn’t deserve this. She deserved to be happy. She deserved a full and long life. Nobody had the right to rob her of it.”

His face contorted with raw pain and grief. I was trying so hard not to cry. “I love her determination. I love her spirit. I’m proud to have been her husband. And now she’s dead. Someone took this wonderful—this truly beautiful—human being and turned her into a corpse. I saw her on the morgue table. She’s just . . . cold and lifeless as if she never was. Everything is gone except for our daughter and my memories. I have to strive to be the man she thought I was. When my daughter grows up, she’ll ask me why her mother was murdered and I’ll have to answer her. I have to account for my actions. I want to tell her that I found those responsible and I made sure they wouldn’t hurt anyone else.”

He brushed moisture from his eyes with a furious swipe of his hand. “Nobody else will do this. Her family doesn’t have the means, my family doesn’t care, and her employer might have murdered her. There is only me. Will you help me? Please.”

He fell silent. He was sitting here asking for my help and I couldn’t throw him out of my office. I just couldn’t. I remembered when Mom sold our house to pay for Dad’s bills. I remembered when we mortgaged the business and kept it from him, because it would’ve killed him faster than any disease. If someone I loved was murdered, I would do the same thing Cornelius did. He had nowhere to turn. If I slammed the door in his face now, I wouldn’t be able to look my reflection in the eye.

I reached into the top drawer of my desk and took out the blue new-client folder. I opened it so it faced him, placed it on the table, and wrote $50,000 in the margins on the front. “This is my retainer. This stays with the agency no matter what happens. It’s nonnegotiable.”

I used my pen to circle the bottom number on the right side. “These are our rates. This job is likely to be high-risk, so the top rate right here will apply. As you can see, it’s a daily and not hourly rate. Depending on the situation, I may have to charge you hazard pay or additional expenses. The retainer acts like a deductible. Once the amount billed to you exceeds it, you will make additional payments in installments of $10,000. After we’re done here, you may want to go to the bank and withdraw at least $20,000 in cash. We may have to bribe people . . .”

“Thank you.”

“This is a bad idea. Please reconsider.”

He shook his head. “No.”

I walked him through the privacy policy and had him sign all of the waivers. “What happens once we find whoever is responsible?”

“I’ll take care of things from there.”

“Meaning you’ll kill your wife’s murderer.”

“It’s the way Houses handle things,” Cornelius said.

“Well, I’m not a House. I’m a person with a family, and I respect and try to obey the laws of this country. I won’t hesitate to defend you or myself, but I won’t condone murder.”

“Understood,” Cornelius said. “How do we start?”

“I need to be able to speak to Matthias Forsberg. I need face-to-face time so I can ask him some questions. I can make the necessary calls tomorrow, but he’ll refuse to see me.”

“You don’t have the social status and you work for his competitor.” Cornelius nodded. “Matthias is an active participant in the Assembly. He never misses a session. Tomorrow happens to be December 15th. The session starts at 9:00 a.m.”

“I don’t have admission to the Assembly.” The Assembly was an unofficial executive body that governed the magic users at state and national levels. The Texas State Assembly met in Houston. A family had to have at least two Prime-caliber magic users in three generations to be considered a House and each House had a single seat. Technically the Assembly had no power within the US government, but, practically, when the Houses spoke in one collective voice, both Congress and the White House listened.

“A family name has to be good for something, right?”

Cornelius smiled. It never reached his eyes. They stayed bitter and haunted. “As a Significant and a scion of a House, I’m free to attend the Assembly and bring a companion of my choice. I intend to be an active participant in this investigation, Ms. Baylor.”

“Call me Nevada,” I told him. “Good. Then we’ll meet here tomorrow at seven.”

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  1. "The battles that are being fought are thrilling and the way the authors are expressing themselves is absolutely stunning." I don't usually notice this kind of things, but it was so well-made that I did. I don't know how the authors do that, but the action scenes and their descriptions are mindblowing, thrilling and captivating. You can't literally put the book down (I was like in a sort of trance, no kidding)(especially when Nevada fires round after round, it feels like she's making a big combo with high precision and huge skill, just so badass xD !)

  2. Loved Burn for Me! Very excited for White Hot!

  3. Thanks for adding an Excerpt. Sounds fantastic.

  4. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the author's stories. Still got a couple to read and now it looks like I have a couple more. She has some nice covers and her writing is addictive. Wonderful reviews!

  5. Thanks Suze & Anniek for introducing another author to me!

  6. Sounds great! I love meeting new authors.

  7. I LOVE ilona andrews books but i admit i haven't started this series yet thanks to your review i know that i won't be disappointed when i do start reading it, the class system sound really intriging. thank you a lot for this double review