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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Book Review - Syn's Broken Journey by Kelly Moore

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Review by Anniek

Syn is a military man. Together with his brother, Steel, and his cousin, Gray, they're a force to be reckoned with. Because of his exceptional skills Syn is asked to go on a mission to find and bring back JV. This person is claimed to be a murderer who lives in a hidden compound. Because of the fact that Syn has to infiltrate the compound and make the people there trust him this is a mission he has to do on his own. Is one Broken Journey all it will take to bring Syn to his knees?

Journey has been running and hiding for a long time. When she was a young and naïve girl she fell for the wrong man. Her mistake cost a lot of people their lives. Journey made sure that the rest of her people had a place to escape to. They dug a tunnel which leads to a hidden compound, where they live in peace. Journey's sister, Venture, has been missing for years now. Journey will do anything in her power to find out if her sister is still alive and bring her back home if she is. The problem is that the man Journey is up against is a powerful and high ranking military man. He'll do anything to make sure the dirt she has on him stays hidden. Will Journey be able to trust again, so that she can find out what happened to Venture?

Syn has always been the playboy of the family. He knows all about unconditional love, but thinks that this will never be in the cards for him. Syn is gorgeous and he loves his family with everything he has. He would literally take a bullet for every single one of them. He's badass and has plenty of muscles, but he can also be very tender and caring. I loved those contrasts within his character. I fell in love with Syn ever since Kelly Moore introduced him. He's someone you'll want to have in your corner when you're ready to go to war. Syn is exceptional and he deserves to find his soul mate.

Journey has been through hell and back. She's consumed with guilt about the loss of so many lives. She blames herself and she's been fighting her way back ever since. Journey pretends to be hard and calculated, but everything she does is aimed at keeping the people in her compound safe. I loved how smart she is and how she is a true force all on her own. Journey has built high walls around her heart and she finds it difficult to let people come close to her. She will sacrifice herself if that means she'll be able to keep others safe though. She loves deeply and I was cheering for her to find what she needs to have closure.

Syn's Broken Journey is a beautiful story about finding true love when you least expect it. I loved Syn's family ever since the first book in the Broken Pieces series. They can be a bit overwhelming and it warmed my heart how they always stand together as a unit. Kelly Moore is a skilled writer and she makes me go through many different emotions while I'm reading her stories. I felt every word of Syn's Broken Journey and I must admit that I had tears in my eyes more than once. I always had a soft spot for Syn, so I couldn't wait to start reading his story. Syn's Broken Journey is the last book in the Broken Pieces series and I'm sad that there won't be new stories about his remarkable family. I'm a big fan of Kelly Moore's writing and I highly recommend all of her books.


If you love to read about close family ties, military men and gorgeous strong women Syn's Broken Journey will be perfect for you. To fully understand Syn's story I'd recommend you to read the Broken Pieces series in chronological order.


  1. Never heard of this book. Always fun to discover new books. Thanks for the review :)

  2. Sounds like a very powerful story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sounds intense but engaging!


  4. Very interesting mixing danger and romance in this one!

  5. I was lucky enought to have read your review on Goodreads and I loved it. Sounds like a great read and I can't wait to read it.

  6. Does the series need to be read in order?

    1. Not necessarily. The first two, Broken Pieces and Pieced Together do. Piece by Piece, Pieces of Gray and Syn's Broken Journey fees off one another so you could read them as standalone. You would understand all the characters better if you read the last three.

  7. This book sounds great. I would love to read it. Thanks for the awesome review.

  8. Thanks for introducing this series to me!

  9. Thank you for the recommendation