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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Book Review - Blackberry Way by Emma Davies

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Review by Suze
Laura loves to make beautiful and delicious things with fruit and flowers she can find in nature. When Freya discovers what she can do she asks Laura to help her with her wedding decorations. Freya and Sam are getting married and she'd love to show people how creative Laura can be. Laura has closed herself off from others and is living a solitary life. It won't be easy to convince her to take the job.
When Laura and Stephen literally bump into each other part of Laura's past is coming to the surface once more. Stephen likes Laura and would love to see her again. He's trying to change his ways and become a better man. Sam and Freya have given him a second chance and he's finally getting his life back on track. Will there be room for a mysterious broken woman and how will Stephen convince Laura it's a good idea to spend time with him?
Blackberry Way is a wonderful romantic story. I love the Tales From Appleyard novellas and enjoyed reading about Freya and Sam again. I liked that Stephen finally sees that his behavior was wrong and does his best to make things right. He's genuinely sorry for the hurt he's caused and that made me like him a lot more. He's sweet and gentle with Laura and I loved how careful he is with her. She's smart and creative, but what happened to her in the past made her vulnerable and she prefers being on her own, with just a few older friends, so nobody will be able to hurt her again. My heart ached for her and I kept wishing she'd find some happiness again after all the tragedy she went through.
Emma Davies has a lovely warm writing style. Her stories are original and comforting and they always put a big smile on my face. I love her settings, especially the fields with flowers, cozy cottages and orchards with delicious fruit. She describes them in a beautiful vivid way and it's easy to picture everything she writes about. When I'm reading Emma Davies's stories I stop noticing what happens around me and I'm being transported to a gorgeous welcoming world. I highly recommend the Tales from Appleyard stories. They're cheerful, enchanting, invigorating and heartwarming.
Blackberry Way is part 4 of a series. I'd recommend you to read the Tales From Appleyard novellas in their correct order and start with Merry Mistletoe, so you'll have all the details of Freya's story. The Tales from Appleyard novellas are perfect for readers who love heartwarming countryside stories.


  1. This sounds very engaging!


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