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Monday, April 3, 2017

With Love For Romantic Books - A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love & A Little Luck, A Lot of Fate by Linn B. Halton - Book Reviews, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Katie has her own bakery which used to be a dream come true, but with her boyfriend's nagging about business opportunities and expansions it doesn't feel like the happy place it used to be anymore. She doesn't like Steve the way he is now and things at home keep getting more tense. He wants to help her with her business, but that means she will depend on him financially, but is that really what she wants?

When Adam enters Katie's shop to buy a cake for his grandmother something inside Katie changes. They immediately have a click and Adam is in love with Katie's beautiful and delicious cakes. The same goes for his wonderful daughter, who can't stop talking about Katie's beautiful princess cake. Adam is a single dad and is struggling to find love again after his divorce. Will Katie and Adam find happiness together or do they have to learn to be content with what's available instead of what they really want?

A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love is a delightful sweet story. Katie makes the most beautiful cakes. She's talented, creative and unbelievably kind. Too kind to stand up for herself when she needs to. Steve isn't the friendly and cheerful guy he used to be and his career is his number one goal in life. For Katie it's being happy and content while she's surrounded by the people she loves. She doesn't care about making a lot of money as long as she does what she likes. I loved that about her. Adam is just as caring and loving as Katie. I admired that about them and enjoyed reading about their beautiful deep connection very much.

I loved that Linn B. Halton tells her story from both Adam and Katie's point of view. It was great to find out more about their lives. A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love is a fun read with many emotional layers. What I liked best about it is that the story made me feel many different things. Adam and Katie are both amazing people and their story felt incredibly real. Linn B. Halton's vivid descriptions of her main characters and their surroundings made the story come to life in a fantastic spellbinding way. There's a tiny spark of magic in the story, which made the terrific experience complete for me. I highly recommend A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love, it's a divinely charming story about true love.


If you love romantic stories about soul mates combined with delicious cake and a little hint of magic you should definitely read A Little Luck, A Lot of Fate.

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Review by Suze

Kristi has a successful career. She's a famous lifestyle coach and she writes self-help books. She is always busy guiding and helping others. She has to travel a lot for her job and that demands sacrifices. When she's completely exhausted Kristi decides it's time for a sabbatical. She has a house she never sleeps in and a boyfriend, Tom, she never sees. Tom lives in a cabin in the woods and Kristi is more of a city girl. Kristi finally has the chance to think about settling down and she tries to figure out the right path for the future. She could use a little help, which is why she calls Patrick.

Patrick is a psychic medium and tarot reader. Kristi could use a bit of guidance. She has many questions and it's time for her to find answers. Her journey isn't straightforward though and there will be bumps in the road. Will Kristi get everything she wished for or will she end up with an even bigger mess? Is Patrick really the one who can make her discover what kind of future she needs?

A Little Luck, A Lot of Fate is an amazing story about love, life, work and friendship. I immediately loved Kristi. She has a heart of gold and she wants to help as many people as she can. I loved her positivity, confidence, ability to be practical and honesty. She has a lovely warm personality. Tom is moody, withdrawn and temperamental. He's incredibly talented when it comes to creating art, but he's vulnerable as well. He's adorable and has a boyish quality, but that also means he can't manage his own life very well. He needs someone to take care of him. I couldn't wait to find out if that woman would be Kristi. Is it possible for Kristi to have an intimate friendship with a man?

A Little Luck, A Lot of Fate is a feel-good book filled with practical wisdom. I love the way Linn B. Halton sees the world and I admire her perceptiveness. She writes about being at a crossroads and I liked how she describes the step-by-step discoveries and realizations of her main characters. Personal growth is an important part of life and I found it refreshing to read about. Patrick's gift is not just that he can communicate with spirits and give tarot readings, he also has a calm and comforting presence that puts people at ease. Patrick is kind and caring. He's a generous and honorable person. I loved his ability and the way he deals with it. He's an interesting character with a lot of fascinating character traits.

Linn B. Halton writes about her characters in a detailed way and she makes it easy to see into their souls, which is really special. I love it when women are capable and competent and Kristi is so good at taking care of things that large numbers of people depend on her and her books. She has to take a break before she can go on with her life. Taking a break to objectively look at your life is a great thing to do and a fabulous topic for a novel. I love Linn B. Halton's fast-paced and matter-of-fact writing style, this gives the story a dignified tone, which is exactly right for this type of story. The heartwarming romantic ending makes the reading experience wonderfully complete. I highly recommend Linn B. Halton's novels, I think her books are all fantastic.


If you love beautiful thought-provoking romantic stories with many emotional layers and plenty of great life lessons A Little Luck, A Lot of Fate will be an excellent choice.

About Linn B. Halton

I write heart-warming stories about life, love and relationships. Above all it’s about the feelgood factor, as isn’t everyone simply chasing the dream of a happy life with the one they love? And dreams do, often, come true but in real life it’s seldom a case of everything instantly falling into place. So I write about the journey …

Which genres do I write in?

Well, when I write I don’t think about genre at all. Everything I write is about relationships, so love will always be a key component.

Labels can be misleading and certainly the stories I’ve written in which there is a touch of the paranormal are, for the most part, based upon my own experiences. So it’s more fact wrapped up in a fictional tale. I don’t write fantasy, although isn’t all fiction simply the fantasy of a writer’s mind?

The psychic experiences I’ve had since a very young child are a real part of my life and while I’m privileged to see/feel it, I know many others choose to tune out. That doesn’t stop anyone wondering ‘what if?’ though and because the incidents are real I know many people read those little bits within the wider story and can connect.

I also like to write from several of the main characters’ points of view. I’m fascinated by the way in which two people hear the same thing and have two very different interpretations. It’s what causes arguments and disagreements in our daily lives and add into the mix the fact that people often won’t share their emotions … and that’s why I’ll never run out of stories to tell.

For those who like labels: romance, psychic romance, chick lit, women’s contemporary fiction – but the aim is still the same, an interesting and ultimately feelgood read.

When I’m not writing my husband and I are serial house movers and love getting hands-on with the renovation work. My background in interior design is a passion that will never leave me! We love going for walks in the Forest of Dean, which is now our home after spending most of our married life in Bristol. It’s a very spiritual place and for me it felt like coming home. I love taking photographs and seem to capture quite a few orbs as I snap away, something I find comforting. I feel blessed to be able to spend my working life writing and it’s only the wonderful readers and reviewers who have made that happen ~ for which I am eternally grateful!

So if you are looking for something to curl up and escape with, you can read chapter 1 from each of my novels by clicking on the covers. I do hope you find something that makes you want to keep turning those pages!

Thank you for dropping by and I hope to see you again soon.

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Guest post

Keeping the romance alive
By Linn B. Halton

New love is just the best feeling in the world, isn’t it? As exciting as Christmas morning is to a young child … but the BEST love of all is enduring love.

Love that withstands the test of time is about trust, comfort and completeness. The one we love is the centre of our world and we blossom knowing we are the centre of their world. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for each other and we trust them with our innermost secrets and our hearts.

BUT keeping the romance alive is vitally important. Why? Because love is like a plant and it needs to be fed and watered to keep it growing. Anything that stands still is in danger of becoming ‘lack-lustre’ or ‘stale’ and, just like a plant, relationships wither and die if they aren’t tended.

I personally believe that a relationship/marriage is about actively renewing your love every single day of your life. You should wake up thinking ‘I still choose you’ and if you don’t, then something is going wrong.

So how do you keep it fresh, while enjoying the benefits of lasting-love that give you a sense of comfort and stability? Well, here’s my top 3 ‘must do’s’. It works for me and my own long-term love is still going strong, I believe, because of it. We face each day with an honest, healthy and constant sense of renewal in our partnership.

#1. Remember not to take each other for granted

Take time out to surprise your partner and let them know how special they are to you. Don’t we all love being surprised? DON’T assume you have to tie this in to Valentine’s Day, but be spontaneous. Give them a small, but meaningful gift out of the blue just to say ‘I love you’.

Also, think outside the box for ideas. It doesn’t have to be expensive (or involve spending any money at all, for that matter) but make it highly personal. If you have a new baby in the house, then it could be coping with the kids while one of you has a few extra hours’ sleep. Or get a babysitter for an afternoon at the weekend and go to the cinema. If you don’t have kids then it will often be more about putting commitments to one side and taking time to relax together and de-stress after a busy week at work.

Anything that is outside of the normal daily routine is special because it rarely happens. It means one of you has made the effort to please the other person. And that’s what love is all about!

#2. Date night

This becomes increasingly important as the years go by (especially if you have children, which tend to put a relationship under pressure, and/or a stressful career).

DON’T be tempted to make this a foursome – date night has to be about taking some quality time together to talk, hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes. The purpose is to reassure you BOTH that when it’s just the two of you, you can have fun and you don’t need anyone else to make it the perfect occasion.

Note: if you have children and can’t get a babysitter then make it a romantic meal for two after they are in bed. It doesn’t have to be home-made but can be shop-bought as this isn’t about the food, but the sentiment …

#3. Be kind and compassionate - communicate

Wider family issues and work pressures often leave us feeling depleted. When we are left having problems fitting in any ‘me’ time at all (or even just getting enough sleep), it’s easy to miss when our partner is having a rougher-than-rough day. It’s essential for couples to hone in on this: after all, if you’ve had the day from hell wouldn’t you feel ‘special’ if the person you loved noticed that? And how would you feel if they didn’t? Unloved, unnoticed?

Life is a juggling act, but when your normal ‘tower of strength’ is looking distinctly wobbly then it’s time to be the listening ear. This is where one plus one makes a heck of a LOT more than just two. No matter what the problems, when you face up to it with someone by your side you get not only another perspective but the comfort of knowing that you are not in this alone. Taking time to notice changes/mood swings in the person you love is crucial because if they aren’t talking about it, then alarm bells should be ringing. Be honest with each other at all times and the likelihood of meeting an insurmountable problem will be small. Hide something and when it comes to light the damage might be irreparable.

And that’s it!

Think about what makes you feel special, treasured, valued. It’s usually the small things. When you are ill, for instance, and your partner instinctively knows to take charge and bundle you off to bed. Or when you are so tired you just need to collapse onto the sofa and let someone else sort dinner/get the kids started on their homework etc.

Yes, new love is wonderful but enduring love is the BEST!


Two very lucky readers of With Love For Books will get a signed paperback from Linn B. Halton, one of them will receive A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love and the other A Cottage in the Country.

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