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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Where to Find Review Books & Giveaway

By Suze 
Because we want to promote reviewing books as much as possible the coming month we've come up with a giveaway especially for those who review. If you're new to it all and want to make a start, there are several websites you can visit where you can easily download or 'win' review books. I've made a selection of sites I use and recommend.
NetGalley works with requests. The more books you review the easier it will be to be accepted for new titles. Fortunately there are plenty of great Read Now titles as well, which can help you build your status. I love how easy it is to find books on NetGalley. They have several ways to browse titles and you can make a list of favorite genres and publishers. It's very user friendly. In the beginning it's hard to be approved for titles, so a lot of people request a large number of books at the same time to have something to start with, but remember that it's the idea that you read the books you request. Netgalley isn't meant for free book shopping, it's meant to help authors get reviews.

On Edelweiss publishers have catalogues. You can browse through them and find the books they're offering for review. Because it's possible to submit reviews for all the books they have listed it's easy to show publishers your reviewing skills. You can request new titles and there are several read now options here as well. Navigating this website might take some getting used to in the beginning, but it's quite simple when you know where to look for the books you like. There's a huge selection of fantastic review books and some of them can be read straight away without a request.
On Instafreebie you can find a lot of free titles. They constantly have new books on offer. This website is perfect for fans of Indie books and self-published titles, but there are also traditionally published freebies. It's a lovely site to browse several times a week and to enjoy plenty of amazing free books.
On Goodreads you can find many book giveaways. These are all for people who want to review the books. You can enter the giveaways and when you're selected you receive the book you're supposed to write something about. It's an easy and handy system, the more books you review the bigger the chance you will get new ones.
5. Amazon (USA/UK)
Amazon has best seller top 100 lists. Visit your country's Amazon page and check out the free books top 100 or select the cheapest books first option and all of the freebies will appear on your screen.
6. Newsletters
A lot of authors will give you a free book if you sign up for their newsletter.
7. Publishers
Publishers often have a marketing team you can contact. You can ask them to put you on their regular reviewers list and receive review copies whenever they have something available.
On Kindlescout you can nominate books if you think they're good enough to be published by Amazon. When you nominate a book and they choose to publish it you'll get a review copy for free.
Bookshout has a large selection of free books. The aim is to read as many words as possible each day and if you do well you receive rewards in the form of credits. This site is mainly attractive for readers from the USA and Canada, as they're the only ones who can fully use it.
10. Blogs
There are some blogs that offer review copies of books. Good examples are Xpresso, YA Bound Book Tours and eBooks for Review.
On Riveted (YA) and XOXO After Dark (romance) you can find free books from Simon & Schuster. A handful of books can be read for free for a limited time and they regularly switch their titles.
Win a Kindle Fire with a $10 Amazon gift card, 3 kinds of fruit teas, three chocolate bars and a mug with hot chocolate.
You can only enter this giveaway if you've actually reviewed a book on the date of your entry. The aim of this giveaway is to leave as many reviews as possible, so don't enter if you aren't leaving any reviews. Keep it fair for authors and help them to promote their books. You can use our review help for the reviews you write. They don't have to be long, just meaningful.
You can enter with reviews for two different books per day and leave the same review on four different websites each.
The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. Please add to your list of approved email addresses. All of our giveaways are international.


  1. What a fun giveaway! I've fallen in love with book reviewing, at first for the free books, but now I really love connecting with authors and supporting their new releases! Thanks for encouraging us to share our thoughts!

  2. Great idea for a giveaway and a really helpful post for reviewers. I love Netgalley, I have heard lots about Edelweis, but haven't ever used it.

  3. Good luck everyone!

  4. Thank you for encouraging us to review, i do hope it will help me win the kindle for once^^ but i still plan to promote authors when i can even without incentive

  5. Fantastic informations. I love Netgallery. Awesome blog ladies.

  6. Great idea...I don't cross post enough (just goodreads and Amazon) this is a little incentive to do better!

  7. Now, this is fun. I love writing reviews of the books I read, even when a lot of times they are just ramblings, lol.

    A way to give something back to the author. :-)

  8. I'm curious about the effect this will have so do you think you could tell us later how many entered ( only a few commented but perhaps more enter) and how many books ( or review) were posted , only if it'snot too much work

  9. I will rate books I've read but don't tend to write reviews as I don't think I'm very good at them. This has encouraged me to write some on Goodreads and Amazon