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Monday, April 10, 2017

Book Review - The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas

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Review by Suze
 Social situations are difficult for Grace. She has Asperger's and she would love to have a manual that tells her exactly how she should behave. Grace loves animals and has her own horse, Mabel. Being with her is simple, as Grace doesn't have to talk and she knows how to take care of her. Mabel feels safe. The same goes for Grace's best friend Anna and home, where Grace can be herself and find solitude and warmth.
When Grace's mother restores contact with a former best friend Grace's stability at home starts to disappear. Grace's nemesis at school is always trying to sabotage her as well. There's a boy they both like and he seems to be interested in Grace, but what if she can't handle dating? Grace is socially awkward, what if Anna suddenly has enough of it? Being a teenager is already hard, but being a teenager with Asperger's is even harder. What will Grace do when her whole world evolves around uncertainties and unpredictability all of a sudden?
The State of Grace is a beautiful moving story. Grace is a wonderful person. She's strong and she's kind and she keeps trying to do things the right way. My heart ached for her when she felt like she was losing her much needed control. She's an incredible person and even though social situations that are easy for most people are difficult for Grace, she continuously challenges herself. I admired the gorgeous and impressive way Rachael Lucas describes Grace's personality. She's got many character traits I immediately loved, like being great with animals and liking Doctor Who for example, and I will definitely read this book again, because it's such a good story with a brilliant main character.
Rachael Lucas writes in an open and honest way and I felt like I had the chance to come really close to Grace. Her descriptions are genuine and realistic and they perfectly suit the story. Rachael Lucas has captured Grace's essence so well that I had the idea I could see straight into her soul, which was both fascinating and humbling at the same time. The State of Grace is such a special book and I think it's an absolute must-read. I highly recommend this fantastic story.
If you like beautiful impressive stories you should definitely read The State of Grace.


  1. I can't wait to read this story.

  2. I love books like this one sounds to be. I feel so calm reading them.

  3. This sounds really helpful but a great story too!

  4. Simply,but great cover, and sounds great!

  5. This sounds like a good book. Thank you for the recommendation