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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Book Review - Sea (The Huntress Trilogy) by Sarah Driver

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Review by Suze
Mouse and her younger brother Sparrow are living on a ship. Their grandmother is the captain. She's taking charge because Mouse's dad is away. Their mother died while giving birth to Sparrow. Because of her grandmother's visions Mouse knows that one day she'll be captain of her own ship. Her grandmother is a fierce woman and Mouse learns a lot from her. One day she'll be ready and this moment is rapidly approaching.
Unfortunately Mouse's life is a lot less certain when someone is being added to the ship's crew who doesn't want the best for the tribe. Stag is looking for power and he's trying to take over the ship and destroy Mouse's world. When Mouse's father goes missing he leaves her a clue and a task, will she be able to do what he asks of her or will the evil Stag, with his large number of loyal subjects, manage to take everything from her?
Mouse is a thirteen-year-old girl. She's tough, she's incredibly brave and she can fight. She promised her mother to take care of Sparrow. He isn't physically strong, but he has interesting magical abilities. Mouse and Sparrow both have a close connection with animals and I loved that about them. While Sparrow is calm and timid Mouse is impulsive and she always shares her opinions. This often lands her in trouble, but she won't let herself be silenced, which is something I admired about her. She's very protective of her family and the animals she loves and she will do anything to save them, which, together with magic, is a great foundation for a fascinating story.
Sea is the first part of a trilogy. Sarah Driver's detailed and colorful descriptions of Mouse's adventures are fabulous. She makes her world come to life in a wonderful vivid way. I liked the battles, the surprising twists and turns and Mouse's determination to fight her way out of her problems. Mouse loves the water and I could easily feel her admiration and respect for the sea and its animals, which is what I liked best about the story. Sea is a promising first book and I can't wait to read the other two The Huntress stories.
Sea would be a great choice for readers who love adventures, magic and ships.


  1. Thank you for the great review!

  2. Wow! How have I not heard of this book. From your review this sounds absolutely amazing and something I would definitely enjoy. I mean who doesn't love adventures with magic and ships.

    By the way is this a middle grade read? If so that's even better.

    Great review!

    1. My thought exactly and yes it's middle grade :).

  3. This sounds really cute -- I especially love the idea of a plucky female protagonist in a middle grade series. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful book for children! Magic, adventure, and an interesting heroine are a winning combination.

  5. I wonder what the thought behind the animal names may be?

  6. Sounds fascinating! I love all the recomendations I get on this blog.

  7. Sounds like swashbuckling fun!


  8. The names of the MC are unique. Really good for MG.

  9. This sounds like a brilliant series. Sea has a very pretty cover.