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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Book Review - Into The Hall Of Vice by Anabelle Bryant

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Review by Suze
 Cole runs a successful gaming hell, The Underworld, together with his two best friends. Cole is a bastard, he's half part of the elite, but he grew up in the worst part of London. Because of his background he doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere. When he meets Gemma, the sister of the Duke of Kent, Cole knows that according to the rules of propriety he can never be with her, society won't allow it. However, rules can be broken and he won't give up without fighting for what he wants. Will Cole have a chance at happiness?
Into The Hall Of Vice is a charming story with wonderful main characters. Cole has a good heart. He's a kind man and he's always willing to help others. His childhood was difficult and he grew up in poverty, but he made something of himself and is now a rich man. I loved how hard he fights for his goals and how determined he is to make his dreams come true. Gemma is perfect for him. She's strong and daring. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and she's very intelligent. They both share what they have and are compassionate. They connect on a deep emotional level and their chemistry is sizzling, it's clear from the start that they're each other's true love, which is one of my favorite romantic subjects.
Anabelle Bryant's writing flows easily. I loved her detailed descriptions of society. They're fascinating and I found it amazing that she makes the different layers of London's population come together in a fantastic enthralling way. Love conquers all and Into The Hall Of Vice is a great story about this interesting subject. I really liked this extra depth and found the story extra compelling because of it.
Into The Hall Of Vice is a story filled with intriguing secrets and family issues. Gemma is looking for answers about something awful that happened to her family and while it is difficult to get information she doesn't give up. I liked this aspect of the story a lot and couldn't wait for all the details to be revealed. I was both gripped and entertained. I really enjoyed reading Into The Hall Of Vice, it's a terrific romantic story with a heartwarming ending.
If you love to read historical romance filled with secrets and scandals you will love Into The Hall Of Vice.


  1. The cover is really great and sounds good! :)

  2. I usually don't read a story where he protagonist is a male but this makes me want to change that

  3. This sounds entertaining!


  4. Historical romances are not my usual reads, but this one sounds sweet.

  5. Everything about this book appeals to me. And that cover! Spectacular.

  6. I get books on Amazon & read on my Kindle reader.

  7. Bastards of London sonds like a captivating series. I've just checked the whole series and I need to read it, yes.

  8. An opportunity to study the class system from an historical perspective.

  9. This historical fiction book sounds very good. Thank you for the recommendation.