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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Review - The Forbidden Garden by Ellen Herrick

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Review by Suze
 Sorrel and her two sisters are famous in New England for their gifts with plants. When someone overseas asks for their help with a problematic garden Sorrel takes the opportunity and travels to England. She will stay at Kirkwood Hall together with the people who hired her. To find out what's wrong with their garden Sorrel needs to learn all there is to know about the family's history, so she has an idea of what she's getting herself into. She has to unravel secrets and she'll have to restore the garden with her own magic hands to have a shot.
Are Graham and Stella Kirkwood telling Sorrel the whole truth? What will Sorrel be able to discover about the garden and is it the only thing she will find at Kirkwood Hall or is there something more for her to experience while she's there? Stella's brother Andrew is having a personal and professional crisis and maybe it's up to Sorrel to heal both the garden and his heart. Will she succeed or has her journey been in vain?
The Forbidden Garden is an intriguing story. I love the Sparrow sisters and was very happy to be able to read about one of them again. Sorrel is a strong woman who deserves some happiness in her life. She's always there for others and has a caring and nurturing personality. She's amazing with plants and she can make everything grow in a magical way. She's a special person and I found her calm and comforting personality absolutely wonderful. Sorrel is trying to unravel a mystery and I liked the combination of a gripping family history and her loving and nurturing relationship with plants. While trying to make things grow Sorrel also grows on a personal level and that was fabulous to witness.
Ellen Herrick has written an enchanting story. She writes about magic like it's the most normal and most enigmatic thing there is, which is what makes me enjoy her stories so much. Sorrel is actively using all of her senses and experiences even the most ordinary things in a fascinating way. It was beautiful to see the world through her eyes. I liked reading about the plants she loves so much and Ellen Herrick's vibrant and colorful descriptions make them come to life incredibly well. I also loved the romantic aspect of The Forbidden Garden and the secrets that are being kept are quite interesting. Ellen Herrick has written a complete and unique story. I really enjoyed reading The Forbidden Garden, it's a gorgeous spellbinding story.
If you love to read about plants and flowers and are a fan of magical realism you will definitely like the Sparrow Sisters. The Forbidden Garden is the second book about these special women, but can easily be read as a standalone.


  1. This sounds very intriguing!


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I just saw a review about The Forbidden Garden and was really intrigued. I've been reading about gardens and the people who create them. Wish I had a green thumb. I'm going to read book 1&2 asap. Thank you for the review.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. I don't know what i is but whenever I read there are dark secrets in the story I'm sold.

  5. It sounds really magical, I love it!

  6. I love lowers but am hopeless at gardening so this would be an inetersting story foe mr to read

  7. I'm passionate about plants & am at my happiest when I'm elbow-deep in the earth!

  8. I love this cover! It's pretty enough to frame.