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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review - Block & Tackle by Elisa Faber, Stephanie Fournet and Kristin Vayden

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Review by Suze

Offsides by Elise Faber

Becca works hard to earn her money and she badly needs it. She has a temporary position at Prestige Media Group. She dreams of Devon, her handsome boss. When her ex starts to bother Becca more and more Devon tries to be there for her. Becca really likes him, but he's her boss and she isn't supposed to fall in love with him. He is gorgeous though and it's clear he enjoys spending time with her. Do they have a chance?

Offsides is a sweet romantic story. I immediately loved both Becca and Devon. They work hard and have good hearts. They're generous people, which is something I definitely liked. They have an easy connection and there's plenty of wonderful chemistry. It's clear they belong together and I couldn't wait to find out if they'd have their happily ever after.

Elise Faber has written a cute and sexy story. I always love it when main characters obviously belong to each other from the moment they meet. Becca has a lot on her plate and I liked the combination of the seriousness of her situation and the way Devon fits into her life and makes it better. Offsides is a lovely story and I enjoyed reading it very much.

Off Guard by Stephanie Fournet

Charlie is happy with her new job at Prestige Media Group. There's only one rule she has to stick to and that is not to fall in love with one of their clients. When Charlie meets Hutch she has no idea he's one of Prestige's athletes. She soon finds out she even has to organize his party. She tries to stay away from Hutch, but he's persistent. Will she be able to resist his charms or will she lose her job?

Charlie is determined to stay slim after not running professionally any longer. She makes things quite difficult for herself and that is how she meets the man of her dreams. I love stories about love at first sight and Off Guard is definitely a good one. Hutch wants to help Charlie while he's also trying to make her notice him. That was endearing to witness. He's very sweet and he's the perfect man for Charlie. I loved their story from the beginning.

Stephanie Fournet has written a story about a difficult topic. Her writing never becomes heavy, but it has a clear message, which is something I loved. The romantic side of her story is amazing and she perfectly balances lightheartedness and seriousness. Off Guard is a great story with fascinating main characters. It also has a fabulous endearing ending. Reading this story put a big smile on my face.

Off Limits by Kristin Vayden

Ava and Bryce are twins. Markus is Bryce's best friend and works for the Prestige Media Group. After an injury he's trying to get Bryce's football career back on track again, but Ava knows how dangerous it is for her brother to do this and she blames Markus. For Markus Ava has always been the one, but she isn't speaking to him anymore. Will he have a chance to make things right with the woman of his dreams?

It's obvious that Markus loves Ava and they are fantastic together, but there's one little issue, Ava is angry with him. Markus is trying to make her like him again. She means so much to him and I found that incredibly adorable. They are soul mates, but Markus has to work to earn Ava's love and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out if he'd succeed.

Kristin Vayden has written a terrific romantic story. She combines a charming relationship with a serious warning about sports injuries. I loved that combination. Her story has a feel-good atmosphere, while she still educates her readers. I really admired that combination. Off Limits is a fun and flirty story with a nice layer of depth.


If you love reading romantic stories about gorgeous athletes you will definitely like Block & Tackle.


  1. The cover is super awesome,plus 3 stories in one book,great! :)

  2. Great review and love the cover yum!

  3. "Offsides" is a hockey term, so is there hockey in it?


  4. I love romance books with soul mate characters :)

  5. Do the three stories intertwine?

  6. Gorgeous athletes are something I do love to read abour, actualy I love sports romances in general.

  7. I can lose myself completely in this book.Great review.

  8. Perfect for anyone who loves sport & romance!

  9. The cover wasn't catching my interest at all but your review sure seems better that i imagined and i love sweet romance so i will probably gave it a try. thank you for your honest review

  10. Thank you for the recommendation

  11. Checking all the previous reviews and stumbled apon this one. Adding to my TBR list.