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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde - Book Review

 Book review

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Review by Suze

Taylor has panic attacks. She doesn't like places with a lot of people, but because her best friend Charlie is at SupaCon to promote her movie and Taylor's favorite author will be there to sign books, she decides to be brave and go anyway. They have another best friend, Jamie, and he will be by her side to keep an eye on her. Taylor is in love with Jamie, but she thinks he will never like her in the same way. She doesn't want to stand out, she's a quiet girl with many insecurities. Being at SupaCon, however, makes her think about herself in a different way and maybe she'll be able to take a few chances after all. Will she be able to let Jamie know how she feels and does he like her back?

Charlie is at SupaCon to connect with her fans. She and her ex boyfriend Reese played in a movie together and they're there to promote it. They were a couple, but have broken up because Reese cheated on Charlie. Their marketing team wants them to get together again, but Reese broke Charlie's heart and she isn't going to let him do that again. She can barely stand being in the same room, let alone pretend she still has feelings for him. Charlie is a rising star in the vlogging world and when she meets her idol Alyssa SupaCon becomes a lot more interesting all of a sudden. Charlie has always admired Alyssa from afar and when she meets her in person her crush only becomes bigger. Does Alyssa share these feelings?

 Taylor has panic attacks and her anxiety is something she's struggling with every day. She's incredibly brave because she does things that are out of her comfort zone and even though there are tears and breakdowns she's determined to get herself together every single time. She even joins a contest that puts her in the spotlight. I loved her sweet nature and her courage. She has a lot to be proud of and I enjoyed seeing her discover that. Jamie is a wonderful friend and it's clear that he adores her, but Taylor has no idea. It was endearing to see how Taylor slowly starts to believe in herself and lets Jamie in. I admired Jen Wilde's amazing empathic and realistic descriptions of Taylor's character and liked the warmhearted nature of the relationship she has with Jamie.

Charlie is outspoken. She has pink hair and she likes being in the spotlight. The focus on her breakup with Reese is difficult for her though. The whole world has witnessed his infidelity and most of their fans have easily forgiven him and now want them to be together again. That was heartbreaking to read about. Reese is a judgmental bastard and he makes the time he spends with Charlie at SupaCon complicated and painful. Fortunately she meets Alyssa. She's really nice and Charlie instantly feels a connection. I like stories about love at first sight and the bond between Alyssa and Charlie is wonderful. I loved Charlie's creativity and her unique personality. She wants to be happy with the girl of her dreams after everything Reese has put her through and is willing to fight for it. I loved how Jen Wilde writes about their relationship, she gives plenty of emotional details, which makes it realistic and honest. Alyssa and Charlie admired each other from afar for years and there are plenty of sparks when they finally meet. They have great chemistry and are a cute couple.

Queens of Geek is a fabulous story about two girls who stand out in their own way. SupaCon is a fantastic place for them to express themselves, it's an impressive setting and I loved Jen Wilde's vivid and colorful descriptions of the event. Her writing has a nice flow. The story is being told from both Taylor and Charlie's point of view and their voices are equally compelling. Queens of Geek is all about their experiences at SupaCon and the reader has the chance to find out everything about this short, but very important fragment of their lives. The event brings Charlie and Taylor some life changing experiences and I loved witnessing those. Queens of Geek is a surprising, fun story with plenty of interesting layers.


If you love romantic stories about fandom you will definitely like Queens of Geek.

About Jen Wilde

Jen Wilde is a writer, geek and fangirl with a penchant for coffee, books and pugs. She writes YA stories about zombies (AS THEY RISE), witches (ECHO OF THE WITCH) and fangirls (QUEENS OF GEEK). Her debut series reached over three million reads online and became an Amazon bestseller.

When she’s not writing, Jen loves binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix, eating pizza, traveling to far away places and going to conventions in Marty McFly cosplay.

Jen lives in a sunny beachside town in Australia with her husband and their cheeky pug, aptly named Heisenberg.


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