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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Book Review - This August by Kelly Moore

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Review by Anniek

August Rylan has settled down with his wife Nash. Once he was a big name is the business world, but now he's satisfied with running a feed store. August has more money than he could ever spend, so he's happy to fill his days with things that matter to him. When their daughter Sara is born August and Nash are finally in a peaceful place. This is until August receives an email from someone claiming to be his long lost brother. August is done paying for the sins of his father and he thinks that it's just a sick prank. What will August do when the threats keep coming and are getting more serious every time?

Nash dreamed of having a family together with August. She's planning to have many more beautiful kids. She's learning to adjust to the life of being a fulltime mom. Nash is a nurse and she'd love to take on a few shifts every now and then. She misses the adrenaline that comes with the job and she loves helping people. Nash almost paid with her life when August's secrets were revealed. Will she be able to escape them once again?

August is a proud man. He paid the dues for his father's wrongdoings and is ready to leave all those secrets behind. August fiercely loves Nash. He would do anything to keep her and his daughter safe. August has one best friend, Sam. Sam was once bound to a wheelchair, but with August's help he's walking again. August doesn't care about money and he loves spending it on his family. It warmed my heart to read about how strongly he loves them. He has a funny way of showing
this sometimes, but he's doing everything with the best intentions. August is a person you'd want to have in your corner, because he'll never leave you once he considers you a part of his family.

Nash is very capable of handling August. He has the tendency to try and overrule her, but she stands her ground every time. She's not a pushover and I loved that about her. Nash is also a skilled nurse and I liked to read about this part of her life. Kelly Moore is a nurse as well and the details in her story show that she has extensive knowledge about this subject. Nash is a loving daughter and a great mom. She takes good care of the people around her. Nash is someone who is impossible not to love.

This August is the second book in the Next August series and continues with August and Nash's story. I fell in love with both of them in the first book, Next August, and I was excited to read about the next chapter of their journey together. August and Nash connect on a deeper level and I felt this love on every page. I loved the amazing chemistry between them and think Kelly Moore has written a fantastic sexy book. This August has a few other characters that would be perfect for a story of their own. I can't wait to find out what Kelly Moore has in store for us in the next book of this series.


This August is about finding your soul mate and doing everything in your power to keep your family safe. I highly recommend this gripping story, or any other book written by Kelly Moore.

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Would you like to meet August and Nash? The first book in this series, Next August, is free on Amazon til march 9th.


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