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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Book Review - The Mercury Travel Club by Helen Bridgett

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Review by Suze
Angie's husband left her after almost twenty-five years of marriage and she is devastated. Angie is in her early 50s and has to start over. She moves into a house that is a lot smaller than the one she shared with her ex. To keep herself busy Angie is increasing her workload. She has a job at a travel agency, but dreams of being a business owner. Her friend Patty makes sure Angie doesn't waste away due to constantly being home alone in her free time. She encourages her to go out and do all kinds of crazy things, like singing on a stage. Angie's daughter Zoe wants her mother to be more serious and she tries to drag her to baking classes. Angie was afraid to be lonely, but her days are so busy that she hardly has time to breathe.
A makeover makes Angie feel a lot better about herself. She also uses the money she received after the divorce for something she's always dreamed of, a partnership that will make her an entrepreneur. The Mercury Travel Club is Angie's new project and she's determined to make it successful. The idea is brilliant and the big challenge is to find customers. Making her dreams come true doesn't happen without struggles, but Angie is ready for them and she faces them head-on. Angie's journey to recovery and finding a better life also inspires others and it does them a world of good. Will the same happen to Angie, will she eventually be happy again?
The Mercury Travel Club is a wonderful story. I loved Angie, she's strong, smart and able to stand up for herself. She also has a great sense of humor and she has a positive outlook on life. I liked that she keeps doing things that are out of her comfort zone. Her divorce might have been painful, but she's on her way to a better life and I enjoyed reading about her adventures. Angie has fabulous friends and there's always something going on with them. Reading about their lives put a big smile on my face. Friendship is very important to Angie and she has a lovely caring group of people around her that warmed my heart. For me that was one of the most amazing parts of the story. They keep motivating her and I felt proud of Angie because of her kind and dignified nature and her numerous achievements. She's a fantastic inspiring main character.
Helen Bridgett's writing has an easy flow and I read The Mercury Travel Club in one sitting. It's such a fun story and I flew through the pages. I loved this book about living, no matter how old you are you can still go after the things you want the most. It's a brilliant message and an excellent theme for a book. Helen Bridgett's skillful writing and clever dialogue are making the story entertaining and bright. I highly recommend The Mercury Travel Club, it's a sparkling story filled with beautiful people and fascinating twists and turns.
If you love stories about friendship and second chances written in a clever style with a great sense of humor you should definitely read The Mercury Travel Club.
About Helen Bridgett

Helen has always loved books and always loved writing. One year she decided her New Year’s resolution would be “Write a novel to give as a Christmas present”. She spent the year writing and The Mercury Travel Club was born.

Helen hails from the North East but now lives in Manchester with her Husband and their Chocolate Labrador Angus. When not writing, Helen can usually be found walking or drinking wine – not usually at the same time.

Like many people, Helen believes that the music you grow up with as a teenager stays with you for the whole of your life. Being a child of 80’s rock, when she hears the opening riff to Sweet Child of Mine, she cannot be held responsible for her actions!
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  1. This story sounds like a great tell about the new beginnigns with the idea that it is never too late to chase our dreams.
    Thanks for the lovely review! ;)

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