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Sunday, February 19, 2017

With Love For Romantic Books - What Rosie Found Next by Helen J. Rolfe - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Rosie has found a job in Magnolia Creek, a small town where everybody knows one another. She combines working with house sitting. This is perfect for her since her boyfriend Adam works overseas and they haven't settled down in a home of their own yet. Rosie falls in love with Magnolia Creek almost instantly and she feels like she belongs in this small community. Magnolia Creek and its surrounding towns are known for having a high risk at bush fires. Rosie stays on high alert because fire is something that makes her nervous and she wants the house she's living in and the people she cares about to be safe.

Owen is a successful real estate agent. He buys properties and rents them out most of the time. A while ago he found something in his father's study, but before he could take a good look his mother took it away from him. He overheard his parents talk about it and now he's determined to find out what he isn't supposed to know. Owen needs his parents out of town so he can search the house. When he arrives at their home in the middle of the night he's surprised to find Rosie, who has a contract to watch over the house during his parent's absence. Can they share the house or does one of them have to leave?

Rosie had a tough childhood growing up with just her father. They were very close until a tragic event took her father's life. Rosie has been devastated ever since. She needs Adam to be there for her, but he only stays with her a few days at a time before he goes back to work. Rosie needs to feel secure and safe in life and I felt that Adam wasn't giving this to her. During the whole story their relationship felt off. Both of them want something that the other isn't capable of giving. I loved Rosie from the start. She's incredibly sweet and kind. I liked her sense of humor and admired the calm and sensible way she deals with the whole situation with and around Owen. I kept thinking she'd deserve more than what Adam is prepared to offer her.

Owen travels from town to town and even though he owns a lot of real estate he doesn't have a home. Ever since he was a kid he felt that something was not right. His mother was there for every major event in his life, but it always seemed like her heart wasn't completely in it. Owen struggles with these feelings and needs to find out the truth. Owen is a true hero in my eyes. He works as a volunteer at the local fire department and risks his life over and over again to rescue someone else's. It was really interesting to learn more about fire fighters and what they have to deal with in the line of duty.

What Rosie Found Next is a beautiful story about opening your eyes to see what's right in front of you. You may have plans in life, but when love finds you everything else is off the table. I loved reading about Rosie and Owen and liked how they gradually evolve from being strangers into being friends and then slowly become possible lovers. Helen J. Rolfe is a skilled storyteller, she's amazing at building up her tension. Not only did Rosie and Owen have a natural and realistic storyline, but as a reader you also know that there are secrets that will come out. However, you're never sure about how and when they will come to the surface. Helen J. Rolfe combines this gripping element with a beautiful setting. Magnolia Creek sounds like a fantastic town and it would be a joy to live there. What Rosie Found Next is my first book by Helen J. Rolfe, but she certainly got me interested in reading her other stories as well.


What Rosie Found Next is a captivating read which will keep you guessing about family secrets. It's set in a small town that gives the story a cozy and warm feeling.

About Helen J. Rolfe

My English teacher at school told me to never give up on my dream of becoming a writer. Somehow I ended up with a business degree and a job as a computer programmer, but I never forgot her wise words and encouragement.
In August 2000 I answered my call to adventure and headed to Australia where I ended up living for fourteen years. I made my home in Melbourne for just over nine of those years and in 2003 I left the I.T. industry and began my writing career as a freelancer.
After a relocation to Sydney and with more time on my hands once the kids started school, I continued freelancing for women's health and fitness magazines, I studied four units of a Masters in Writing and finally I realised that all I wanted to do was become an author.
Australia will always hold a special place in my heart but in 2014 the pull of family brought us back to the UK to live, and we have relocated to Hertfordshire.
Aside from writing and reading, my passions include yoga and Pilates, chocolate and a good measure of Baileys on ice :-)
1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I live in Hertfordshire with my husband and two children. I've been writing fiction since 2011 and still love it. I have six books out at the moment, all available as ebooks and paperbacks via Amazon, and I'm hoping to have book 7 out in the next few months.

2. What makes your heart beat faster?
Waiting to get on a rollercoaster! Once upon a time I loved them, now I really hate them but have to do it for the kids!

3. If you could create the perfect romantic day what would it look like?
A picnic in the sunshine with the finest champagne and plenty of seafood, then a lovely walk along the beach together.

4. Who are your favorite romantic couple?
I would have to say Will and Lou from Me Before You.

5. Could you describe what romance means to you?
It means leaving behind every day worries and focusing on each other. It doesn't have to be with grand gestures...sometimes it's the little things that matter.

6. Do you find it difficult to write about romance?
No! My head is in the 'romantic' clouds most of the time! But I like to combine romance with every day life so my books have plenty of themes running through them to challenge my characters, sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances.

7. Can you tell us about your most romantic experience?
My wedding day... I think it's the only time I've ever seen my husband look nervous!
8. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you're in a romantic mood?
Some of the classical cello music is really character in What Rosie Found Next was a cellist and I often had that music playing in the background as I wrote Rosie and Owen's story.

9. Which country personifies romance for you and why?
Any country...I don't think you need to be in a particular place. Sometimes it's a cold country with the snow outside and the romance of a log fire and Christmas lights, but other times it's romantic to watch the sunset from a gorgeous beach.

10. What can we expect from you in the future?
More books about real lives. Romance and love will always feature too because those are what make my world go around.
One very lucky reader of With Love For Books will win a paperback copy of What Rosie Found Next by Helen J. Rolfe.

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