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Friday, February 10, 2017

With Love For Romantic Books Warm - Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams by Sue Watson - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Laura isn't living the life of her dreams, the highlight of her existence is watching Strictly Come Dancing by herself on a Saturday night. She knows all the steps as during her childhood she'd seen her parents do them numerous times, but she's never danced herself. Laura's daughter Sophie is heartbroken and needs a change, so she's going to travel and that will mean Laura will be home alone without much to look forward to. That's why Laura drags herself to a Zumba class together with her workmate. Zumba isn't her thing, but the next class of the evening is all about dancing and Tony, the instructor, invites Laura to join them. Will this give her a second chance at living, so she can finally do something she loves?

Tony inspires Laura to come out of her shell and she discovers she has a talent. Tony even enters them to perform in Blackpool, but Laura has just started dancing. Will she be ready and will she be confident enough to dance for so many people? An unexpected trip to Spain might teach Laura some moves and maybe she can find herself while she's there. Tony told Laura to dance like nobody's watching, but can she really do it?

Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams is a wonderful story about a fantastic topic, you're never too old to follow your dreams. Laura is in her forties. She's just existing and living is something for other people. While she's passionate inside she doesn't have an outlet. She's living through her daughter and through celebrities who are doing what she's always wanted. Tony is her voice of wisdom, a new best friend and exactly the person she needs. I love that Sue Watson writes about women who finally start living when they aren't so young anymore. I like that she doesn't only give her readers an entertaining story, she also shows them that when they aren't happy and fulfilled something can be done and it's never too late to do it.

Sue Watson has a fabulous sense of humor. Her main characters aren't perfect, they mess up like regular human beings, which makes her stories feel realistic. It's fun to laugh about something that could have happened to someone we know or maybe even ourselves. Her books have a lovely lightness while she does write about sensitive and emotional topics. I love that balance, especially since Sue Watson knows exactly how to maintain it.

Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams isn't a standard romance. Sue Watson kept surprising me with her many interesting twists and turns. The ending is fitting and again contains a useful and very true message. Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams is filled with beautiful dances, gracious moves, gorgeous dresses, sequins and passion. It's a versatile and very special story. It's dazzling and sparkling and incredibly hopeful.


Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams is a great choice for readers who love fun stories about regular women filled with dreams that are coming true, talent and passion.

About Sue Watson

About the Blog: My blog is a bit like my handbag. It’s filled to capacity with a mess of random thoughts, recipes, favourite things and notes to and from my friends and family. Please feel free to have a delve in my blog handbag (sadly more Primark than Gucci) and say hello. If you should come across anything of interest among the favourite recipes, congealed sweets and old tissues of my life, please feel free to comment and share with your friends on Twitter and FB. And thanks for stopping by.

About Me: I was a journalist on women’s magazines and national newspapers before leaving it all behind for a career in TV. As a producer with the BBC I worked on garden makeovers, kitchen takeovers and daytime sofas – all the time making copious notes so that one day I might escape to the country and turn it all into a book.

After much deliberation and copious consumption of cake, I left my life in TV to write. My first novel was Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes about a woman struggling with weight, work, marriage and motherhood. My second novel Younger, Thinner, Blonder, is about a talk show host who has the perfect ‘Hello Magazine’ life… or does she?

My next novel, Love, Lies and Lemon Cake is about hairdresser Faye Dobson, who’s lost her sparkle. She dreams of being whisked to Paris for dinner, making three wishes at the Trevi Fountain and having sex under the stars. But her wrinkles are multiplying, her husband’s passion is only for plumbing, and the nearest she’ll get to Rome is a take-away pizza. Can Faye get her life back before it’s too late?

Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake tells the story of two sisters from very different worlds who come together when the unthinkable happens at Christmas, Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams is a story about an overweight supermarket cashier who dreams of dancing Flamenco with a hot Spanish lover. Bella’s Christmas Bake Off tells of two best friends, one big lie and the best Christmas Bake off EVER!

My new book, We’ll Always have Paris, is out this summer – and all about what happens when a woman meets her first love many years later. There are tears and laughter – but is there a happy ever after?




One very lucky reader from With Love For Books will win a signed copy of Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams by Sue Watson.

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